Existential Angst

One of the commenters noted that the old 538 blog archive at the New York Times does not include our comments. This is sad. We had quite an entertaining and sometimes provocative dialogue over the years. Now it’s as if we never existed at all. I don’t know if Nate has peeked in on this blog or not but, Nate; if you’re out there and can read us, please restore the comments in the archive. It can’t really hurt anything, can it? I mean, sure, it takes up a few gigabytes but don’t relegate us to the island of misfit toys over a little computer space.

Hey, by the way, get somebody from make-up to look at your hair before you go on Rachel’s show next time. All I could focus on was how that little lock of hair was poking up.

About Mr. Universe

Mr. Universe is a musician/songwriter and an ex-patriot of the south. He currently lives and teaches at a University in the Pacific Northwest. He is a long distance hiker who has hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. He is also an author and woodworker. An outspoken political voice, he takes a decidedly liberal stance in politics.
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11 Responses to Existential Angst

  1. filistro says:

    The contact lenses are a huge improvement, though. I’m watching Nate on Hardball right now, and he has such beautiful skin. He’s one of those lucky guys who’s going to get better-looking as he ages.Chris actually introduced him as “the great Nate Silver.” (Moving into Great Gatsby territory, dude.) What’s REALLY impressive is that Chris doesn’t even interrupt Nate when he’s talking. Now that’s presence. 🙂

  2. shiloh says:

    OK, a slow night, soooo time for another episode in …Profiles in NYT’s political censorship, Volume 4:btw, most of these are from the the 1st week.Was discussing Hillary vs. Obama w/porterhouse re: who would have done better in 2008 electorally.~~~~~~~~~~@porterhouseDamn, talk about deflecting, irrelevant minutia …but, but, but Hillary is proud to claim you as her #1 most fervent political supporter!ciao~~~~~@porterhouseYou’ve gone from your HRC fetish to deflect to electoral votes and a plethora of other red herrings/non sequiturs ~ Congrats!btw, how many electoral votes did Hillary receive?Just wonderin’take care, blessings~~~~~~~~~~If the Times wouldn’t have censored my posts would have mentioned Hillary might have had a chance to win Arkansas because of her hubby, but that’s about it ie (1) big maybe.After The Times didn’t post my the 1st porterhouse reply above, sent them a love letter: ;)>hmm, (4) words: New York Time’s censorship!So let’s recap, shall we:The NYT’s kowtowed to cheney/bush re: their bogus, misbegotten Iraq War and now …they censor free speech at a harmless political forum.Good luck when you go behind a pay wall, eh.America, what a country!take care, blessings~~~~~~~~~~>>>love and marriagelove and marriageNYT’s and censorshipNYT’s and censorshipgo together like a horse and carriage …OK, bad analogy/comparison 🙂 as the #1 cause of divorce is marriage! 😉

  3. shiloh says:

    Re: censorship, the last couple wks at the old site when moderation was turned on …~~~~~~~~~~@Natethe archives of this site will remain browsable in their entirety.~~~~~~~~~~So all of 538’s thread evidence 😉 er winger troll’s insanity er winger troll’s inanity er excellent analysis by you and yours will still be accessible …Excellent!and of course the outstanding analysis ~ political knowledge/acuity of 538’s progressive posters will not disappear.and so it goes …~~~~~Jeffrey said… SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!~~~~~~~~~~If you don’t think race has been a major factor in the birthers, 10thers, deathers, truthers, teabaggers, secessionists, 14thers, etc. you truly are clueless!Shame indeed!btw, as a rule 538 racists like MPM et al are fond of using capital letters to shout above the crowd …take care, blessings~~~~~So let’s recap, shall we:My last post re: racism …Jeffrey said… SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!~~~~~~~~~~If you don’t think race has been a major factor in the birthers, 10thers, deathers, truthers, teabaggers, secessionists, 14thers, etc. you truly are clueless!Shame indeed!btw, as a rule 538 racists like MPM et al are fond of using capital letters to shout above the crowd …take care, blessings~~~~~~~~~~couldn’t pass muster ’cause of 538’s waning days new found conservative religion re: totally out of control Rep censorship.SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!! indeed!btw, re: clueless, hopefully you do see how moderation totally kills spontaneity, eh.~~~~~Marcus said… Sigh… No comments on the actual topic of the post, a bunch of complaints about the “bias” or “unfairness” of the wording of the background information. This is why we can’t have an intelligent conversation about the Israeli Palestinian conflict.~~~~~~~~~~Coincidentally, the same reason why 538 winger trolls can’t have an intelligent conversation about American politics.1) They hate Obama and the Dems.2) They hate being in the minority, thinking at all times it’s the Reps destiny to conquer and rule America having no clue what the words public servant means.3) All this hatred means they couldn’t stay on topic to save their life, because hey, what Rep wants to defend/song and dance/rationalize 2001/2009 …except Rudy and Bart lolIndeed, the changing political demographics does not look good for Republicans, which is one of the reasons for the minority Cry me a river teabagger nonsense.Summing up, it behooves Reps to divide/misinform/fear monger 24/7 as this is how they have won elections, especially presidential elections previously. It’s all they know how to do as evidenced by the recent Obama is a Muslim and the NYC mosque meme and conservative talk radios continual obsession w/race.~~~~~~~~~~exactly 3000 characters 🙂

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