GOP Pledge to America Part II

Meh. Rerun.

About Mr. Universe

Mr. Universe is a musician/songwriter and an ex-patriot of the south. He currently lives and teaches at a University in the Pacific Northwest. He is a long distance hiker who has hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. He is also an author and woodworker. An outspoken political voice, he takes a decidedly liberal stance in politics.
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19 Responses to GOP Pledge to America Part II

  1. shiloh says:

    Less is more …

  2. WA7th says:

    I guess you wouldn’t care for a Double Down, then, shiloh? cheesegoo, less meh. Better re-run. ::urp::

  3. WA7th says:

    …and as long as we’re on the off-topic of re-runs, might I suggest my favorite fivethirtyeight commenter ever, HE.Case in point, Here’s an early HE comment where some are still actually trying to take him seriously. for those who don’t want to scroll the whole thread…He said…It’s time to bash some liberal faces in.I had a liberal call me a “baby killer” when I was standing in line at the groshery store after coming back from war in Iraq. I was dressed in my Marine Combat Suit (MCS), when a skinny, limp-wristed lib with dreadlocks and an Obama 08 sticker asked me “how many babbies did you kill today, solder?”My otherwise cool and comitent compusure began to crack, a light sweat broke out on my manly, musclular, perfectly chiseled face. I thusly, engaged in “Combat Mode”, my Marine Combat Vision (MCV) zeroed in on my liberal target, and with a quick succession of deadly ninjitsu chops–taught to me in Marine Fighting University (MFU) at the Quantico Base, I disengaged the enemy liberal combatant with a fatal blow to his lower celiac plexus. “Sonic boom!” I yelled, and the liberal collapsed subconscious on the floor at approximately 5.6 seconds. Bottles of KY jelly and organic veggie burger patties flying every which way.I then stood at attention and rendered a salute, proudly I said “SIMPER FI!” and the groshery store erupted an applause and cheers, applauded my daring sacrifice, courage, and standing up for America against liberal tirany.Are you libs jealous, that we marines are so manly and steal your woman?SIMPER FIJOHN AND SARA FOR AMERICA!October 16, 2008 5:57 PM

  4. shiloh says:

    Re: HEMy first thought ~ HE is either very creative or HE copy/pasted from elsewhere. hmm, a creative/hyperbolic winger troll, not a chance lolSecond ~ Poe’s Law. ;)Third ~ HE and Gatordad would make a great team!Fourth ~ Wonder if anyone saved er has webcache pages of all of 538’s comment sections since Nate zapped/erased them all.Was gonna save/cap some of the old comments, but Nate said he was leaving 538 totally intact …He lied! :(>Obviously Nate is embarrassed re: his old blog.

  5. filistro says:

    LOL… I remember HE. The level of unabashed male fantasizing was so overt, so dreadfully embarrassing… “My manly, muscular, lightly chiseled face…”At first I suspected it was Walker doing a brilliant parody.. but I’m pretty sure Walker knows how to spell “grocery.” Also bemused by how a face can be “muscular.” Gleaming, bulging jowls? Six-pack cheeks?(Memo to HE… adjectives are not your friend.)

  6. WA7th says:

    Someone claimed to have found the source of his copy/pastes at about the same time he stopped posting. I had no trouble finding the He comment in a cached link. It took me several more tries than that to get google to find the link to Nate’s Double Down post. Advanced Google searches limited within site give wacky and incomplete results, but I don’t know how google finds what it finds. Maybe there aren’t keywords attached to that particular post. I found it chronologically because I knew to look in April 2010.

  7. filistro says:

    WA7th… where is your response to my dream survey?I’m betting you’re a skimmer…

  8. Jean says:

    The GOP pledge doesn’t seem to be gaining converts among the teapers. The Pledge seems to be just more evidence to the Teapers that they need to “clean the House and then clean the GOP”. Purging of the Republican party will continue. Generally the teapers comments fall in line with this one: “In fairness, what little meat there is in the “pledge” is laudable: certainly, I want Republicans to repeal ObamaCare, as the bill suggests, and going “back” even to 2008 isn’t objectionable by itself. However, I can’t help but feel that praising this manuscript is somewhat akin to applauding a hobo for saying that his life goals are to stop masturbating in public and to stare at people a little less. While a positive step forward, in both cases it is too low a standard to take either one’s claims to dramatic change at face value.”fili, I’m a “no” on flying/floating dreams, but that may be because I have a fear of heights.

  9. filistro says:

    @Jean… I’m a “no” on flying/floating dreamsThanks Jean. That’s skewed my numbers again… up to now they were a perfect 50-50 split. Now I need another flyer…

  10. Mr. Universe says:

    I’m more of a Kamikaze pilot when it comes to dreams

  11. WA7th says:

    If I notice myself skimming downstairs with no feet, in my car on a roller coaster freeway with no hands for grabbing the steering wheel, or hovering down the aisles of a store above head-level, I try to remind myself that I can really fly and soar, or that my car morphs into a skycycle. I usually wake up before I get a chance to practice, though. If I have a dream where I’m threatened, I can leap tall buildings or entire neighborhoods in a single bound, but that’s not really flying.

  12. WA7th says:

    As a battle-hardened Marine who has seen combat in Somalia, Beiroot, Bosnia, and Iraq (hint:I was heroically depicted in the criticaly-acclaimed film “Black Hawk Down”), I will never vote for a Muslim teroroist Barack HUSSEIN Obama.I am currently stationed on top of the American embasy in Bagdad, my job as a special ops Sniper is to scan my environs with special Marine Core Binoculars (MCBs) and take out the enemies of America with my machine gun. If needed, I scale the walls with my Marine Core grappling hooks to engage the enemy insargents on the ground and the rooves.Scanning the political lanscape in America, I see a political enemy and his name is Barack hussein Obama. We must defeat him at the balet box in November.VOTE FOR A HERO, NOT A ZERO!JOHN AND SARA FOR AMERICASIMPER FI!SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!911, ITS WHY WE FIGHT!October 13, 2008 9:49 AM…

  13. WA7th says:

    He said…As a combat plattoon NCO in the US Marine Corp, I applaud Admiral McCain’s desicion not to go to the debates. It shows he is putting COUNTRY FIRST by working late into the night on the Wall Street Bail-Out to fix this messed up economy.Just last month, one of my best friends died in my arms after intense combat in Iraq, and TSgt Dave Gahan’s last words to me was this: “Please…do not…allow…Obama to be elected….president!!!” He then went limp in my arms, and I engaged enemy fornications at my 3oclock and 7oclock position from my DFP (defensive fire position, for all you ignorant libs).I will never let you down, TSgt Gahan! NO WAY, NO HOW, NO OBAMA HUSSEIN!OOH-RAH!SIMPER FI…

  14. WA7th says:

    He said…As a tank-driver in the US Marine Core, who has engaged the enemy in many wars, I will never vote for a Muslim socialist terrorist Barack HUSSEIN Obama.Both Michtell and Barack Obama have refused to sing the national anthem, have burned the flag–the Sweet Beutiful American Flag that I have fought for and that my Marine buddies have dyed in my arms for, as they whispered their raspy, (yet so manly) last words into my ear: “Please tell…my…wife I love her…and please vote for…McCain…in November…NOBAMA!!”When me and my muscular and chiseled manly Marine soldiers are taking a shower together in the barracks, we make sure never to drop the sope if an Obama supporter is in the shower with us.SIMPER FIJOHN MCCAIN/SARAH PALLEN 08!PALLEN/INHOFE 12 & 16!October 15, 2008 2:01 PM…

  15. filistro says:

    WA7th… Stop, you’re killin’ me!LOL

  16. filistro says:

    Just linking back to Nate’s latest where I was lucky enough to leave a message early on where it’s likely to get seen.1.) Anybody who’s just arriving from over there, welcome. Most of the old gang’s here already. For total newbies… welcome to you too. Settle in, it won’t take long, you’ll soon be expressing passionate views and slinging insults just like everybody else.2.) Note how cautious Nate is sounding in this new post? I’m telling you guys, something is changing… and I think it’s related to the Tea Party. Be afraid, Bartles. Be ver–r-r-y afraid.3.) Referring to the subject of the thread… a hypothetical question for you all. Imagine if Hillary Clinton had gotten the nomination, won the general and gone on to govern exactly as Obama has. All the same policies. Would there still have been a Tea Party?

  17. filistro says:

    Sorry… that last post was supposed to be up in the “Barbarian” thread

  18. Yupiiiiiiiiiiii lolx..:D

  19. Thanks for share with us keep it up..

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