My President Rocks

So this is a rebuttal to my article the other night and Joe Biden’s admonition that we buck up.

About Mr. Universe

Mr. Universe is a musician/songwriter and an ex-patriot of the south. He currently lives and teaches at a University in the Pacific Northwest. He is a long distance hiker who has hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. He is also an author and woodworker. An outspoken political voice, he takes a decidedly liberal stance in politics.
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56 Responses to My President Rocks

  1. Monotreme says:

    Sì, se puede.

  2. Bart DePalma says:

    :::chuckle:::Obama had you at hello.

  3. shrinkers says:

    Rachel ade an important point at the very beginning of her coverage —When Candidate Obama spoke at the University of Wisconsin campus in 2008 while running for president, the crowd of 17,000 made big headlines all over the country. The rally the other day drew a larger crowd — over 26,000 people. Why didn’t that make the headlines?My answer – because it doesn’t fit the MSM narrative of dispirited Democrats and the big enthusiasm gap.Thunderous applause when Obama talked about passing Health Care Reform. Yet the MSM meme is that HCR was not (and is not) popular.

  4. Bart DePalma says:

    shrinkers wrote: “When Candidate Obama spoke at the University of Wisconsin campus in 2008 while running for president, the crowd of 17,000 made big headlines all over the country. The rally the other day drew a larger crowd — over 26,000 people. Why didn’t that make the headlines?”It’s meaningless. The last time Obama was there, he was a relative unknown. Now he is President and they have been organizing this for more than a week as a showcase.26,000 are hardly knock your socks off numbers.

  5. mclever says:

    “If everyone who worked for change in 2008 shows up to vote, we will win.”He’s absolutely right. The opinions show that amongst the general populate (or registered voters), Democrats and their policies are ahead or at least even. It’s only the “enthusiasm gap” and expected turnout that give Republicans the edge. So, it’s up to the DFA and DNC and all those Obamaniacs to GOTV. (Yes, I’m reminding everyone I know to vote early here in Iowa.)

  6. shrinkers says:

    Bart barted:26,000 are hardly knock your socks off numbers.Show me another campaign rally this year with those numbers. There may be a couple, I’ll grant you that. But since these are the very folks whom the pollsters are saying are depressed and despondent and disengaged and aren’t going to vote, getting 26,000 of them to turn out – enthusiastically – was a pretty big deal. And this was the official police estimate, by the way, not the hyperinflated numbers that Glenn Beck likes to claim.And it doesn’t count the numbers who watched it live, online.

  7. mclever says:

    shrinkers, I especially liked how those 26,500 Democrats cheered enthusiastically about the passage of HCR, which seemed to even surprise Obama.Shocking news for pundits — those middle class folks who no longer have to worry about their health insurance being cut off are really happy about it!

  8. shrinkers says:

    An interesting point to consider.The Republicans are all excited about supposed lower enthusiasm on the left. They are trumpeting this disaster / tsunami meme in an effort to get people to stay home. Yet they are also whining about the gubmint ignoring the “will of the people.”Follow me here. They’re aware that if “the people” actually all voted, they’d lose in a(nother) landslide. So their solution is not to advance policies that the majority of Americans (i.e., We the People) actually want.Their solution is to find ways to get most voters to stay home.The People spoke their Will in 2008. Republicans didn’t like it, and engaged in mindless obstructionism for two years. Now, they’re telling The People to stay home, so their corporate puppets can regain power.Can you imagine, in a democracy, a more anti-People and pro-elite stance? Or a more hypocritical and hyperbolic chuck of blatant partisan propaganda, than the “We the People” nonsense the right has been barting?

  9. shrinkers says:

    @mclever Shocking news for pundits — those middle class folks who no longer have to worry about their health insurance being cut off are really happy about it!Yeah, that was especially sweet. As Rachel pointed out, it wasn’t intended to be an applause line. But the crowd went nuts. Pretty interesting, that.

  10. filistro says:

    Bart is starting to remind me of poor old Sisyphus pushing that huge boulder uphill. It’s hard work, turning a fairly normal midterm election into a massive, shattering, overwhelming, crushing, thunderous, epic, earth-changing TSUNAMI. It takes time and dedication… and no matter how hard you push and strain, the damn boulder keeps rolling back down on you again.Bart, dear… calm down. Take a valium. Try decaf. Enroll in a yoga class. I’m beginning to fear you won’t make it through November… and I’d so hate to lose you 🙂

  11. Bart DePalma says:

    shrinkers wrote: “Show me another campaign rally this year with those numbers. There may be a couple, I’ll grant you that.”The Tea Party demonstrations when Congress rammed through Obamacare.The Tea Party rally in Spotlight NV to evict Harry Reid.The Tea Party tax day rallies.The Tea Party 9/12 rallyAn, of course, Glenn Beck’s revival meeting just before the 9/12 rally.The Wisconsin rally is far below The One’s own usual 2008 and 2009 standards.The enthusiasm chasm is not so much based upon competing rallies of true believers, but rather the tens of millions of voters whose lives are not focused on politics.

  12. Bart DePalma says:

    Filistro:Never fear, my dear, you will not lose me. I will be partying like its 1775 through the election. These rebellions only come every 15 years (80, 94 and now 2010), so you need to savor them.

  13. filistro says:

    @Bart: Your mind (and, I fear, your grasp on reality) obviously IS becoming unhinged by the stress of trying to turn a normal election into some kind of massive bloodbath.All the rallies you cited were huge national affairs, with NATIONAL publicity, where attendees were shipped in from other areas by the busload.The Wisconsin rally was entirely LOCAL. Your Tea Party can’t ever draw a crowd that big at a strictly local level… it needs to be backed by Fox News for publicity and the Koch brothers for funding, and draw its crowds from across the country.

  14. shrinkers says:

    @BartTea Party … Tea Party … Tea Party … Glenn Beck …Tea Party I asked for campaign rallies. You keep insisting these are non partisan, and so did the organizers.Or are you admitting the rhetoric from the Tea Party is all lies, and they’re really just Republican partisans?Try again.

  15. Alki says:

    It’s meaningless. The last time Obama was there, he was a relative unknown. Now he is President and they have been organizing this for more than a week as a showcase.26,000 are hardly knock your socks off numbers.*******************************@Bart……that might be true except the space is confined and it was brimming at the top full. Nice try though. 😉

  16. shrinkers says:

    Turning off italics.

  17. Bart DePalma says:

    Shrinkers:The Tea Party rallies are all aimed at cleaning out Washington in 2010 and replacing the current rascals with conservatives. Given that we have chosen the GOP as out vehicle to accomplish this, it is hard to argue that these rallies are not also partisan.My repeated point is that the membership of the Tea Party consists of GOP, Indi and Dem conservatives, not that we planned to vote in a bipartisan fashion.

  18. Mr. Universe says:

    Bart, I hate to be the pallbearer of bad news but we’re keeping the House this November. Your party has become obsolete…Wow, sucks to be you.

  19. Monotreme says:

    Bart, I love it when you get all Humpty Dumpty on us. Words mean exactly what you want them to mean, eh?If a so-called Democrat supports the policies of the Republican Party, and does not support the policies of the Democratic Party, then they are not a Democrat, are they?Aren’t you the one who insists on using terms like “RINO” to describe Republicans who (in your rather distorted worldview) “vote like Democrats”?

  20. Mr. Universe says:

    What is it about the press? I was happy about the passage of Health Care. Why are they trying to create the narrative the 1. I am not going to vote, and 2. I hated the Health Care bill?Both are wrong. I suspect I’m not alone.

  21. shrinkers says:

    So, Bart, you’re admitting the Teaper rallies were really just national Republican GOTV campaign rallies? Or not?I asked for campaign rallies. Yes or no. Are the Teapers just a front for the Republicans? Or can you point me to any Republican campaign rallies that have 26,000 + attendees?You really are incapable of answering straightforward questions, aren’t you?

  22. Monotreme says:

    Barted:Never fear, my dear, you will not lose me. I will be partying like its 1775 through the election. And there’s your problem, right there. We’d much rather you party like it’s 1789.

  23. Alki says:


  24. Alki says:

    What’s the trick with the italics?

  25. mostlyilurk says:

    Mr. U,You are not alone (and Michael Jackson’s lyrics are now running through my head). I was happy about the passage of HCR, I intend to vote and my vote will reflect that fact. However, I’m pretty sure that those who are loving the opposite narrative have no interest in me or my opinion. I did get a GOTV call from my representative’s office and I relayed my feelings and intentions, FWIW.

  26. filistro says:

    alki, I think you’re forgetting to close the italics html. When it’s not closed, it stays active for all succeeding posts… (until shrinkers or one of our other resident wizards comes along and fixes it.)

  27. mclever says:

    No, Mr. U, you are not alone. The impression that Americans are rising up in anger over healthcare reform has been carefully manufactured and sold to the public.Started with Fox News and Beck, propped up by a couple of misleading polls, and trust the MSM to run with the “controversy!”

  28. Alki says:

    Thanks, filistro. With some blogs, you leave the italics html open; others close it. Let’s see if this works:testingtesting

  29. filistro says:

    @mclever trust the MSM to run with the “controversy!”It’s maddening, all right. On the bright side, though, Dems will soon begin to beneift mightily from the MSM’s penchant for drama. As the polls tighten and we start to see a “horse race” (something the MSM just ADORES) there will be banner headlines every day… “closer and closer!” “what’s happened to the GOP?” “How have Dems managed to close the gap?” And their favorite… “It’s TOO CLOSE TO CALL!”Coming from way behind is a MUCH more powerful boost than staying neck-and-neck for the duration (but it’s pretty hard on the nerves :-)Thanks for fixing the italics. Greatly appreciated.

  30. filistro says:

    alki…(re: italics) yup you got it! ;-)BTW.. loved your posts over at the NYT. Very cogent.

  31. mclever says:

    I love your unyielding optimism, filistro.But a mere change in press narrative won’t actually translate into votes unless Democrats get out there and talk to their neighbors about progress and accomplishments vs. reverting to what got us into this mess. Democrats must embrace the attitude exuded by Obama in Madison and make their case to GOTV.:-)

  32. filistro says:

    mclever… national Dem GOTV is something I actually know a bit about.If Dem candidates and campaign workers can make the race close in the stretch, then GOTV can pull it over the line. It’s an incredible, amazing, awesome machine.

  33. mclever says:

    fili — Indeed an awesome machine, and I am merely a cog…;-)

  34. filistro says:

    an awesome machine, and I am merely a cog…Me too. But we should never underplay our importance… great enterprises run on cogs. “For want of a nail, a shoe was lost…” and so forth 🙂

  35. parksie555 says:

    Looks like the Obama machine threw a little oil once he left the academic bubble… me less than impressed that he could fire up a liberal cesspool like Madison WI.

  36. shiloh says:

    What ?!? Obama is still president ?!? What’s that you say ~ At least for another 2+ er 6+ years!Surely you’re joking as America would never in a million years elect an African/American president! :)>>>What ?!? Bart is still barting ?!? What’s that you say ~ At least for the rest of his life!>>>The obvious: Obama should use his bully pulpit more …The obvious: Bart’s bully pulpit at 538 is free 😉 and yes Virginia, his barting will continue ’til his last breath … and beyond! :)take care, blessings

  37. Alki says:

    @ parksi……Color me less than impressed that he could fire up a liberal cesspool like Madison WI.Your arrogance is only exceeded by your ignorance. U of W at Madison is one of the best schools in the country. And why wouldn’t it be……its in the land of the liberals.

  38. shrinkers says:


  39. Bart DePalma says:

    To the Usual Suspects:The Tea Party’s objective is to elect libertarian conservatives to Congress and then the White House.The current government has demonstrated that there are no libertarian conservative Dems.Thus, we are engaged in retaking the GOP to run our candidates. In this, we have been rather successful. Indeed, the percentage of GOP voters who self identified as Tea Party supporters went up from last month’s 65% in the Democracy Corps poll to 71% in yesterday’s NBC/WSJ poll. As for the general election, 3/4 of Tea Party supporters are very enthusiastic about the election compared to 2/3 of GOP and half of Dems.Welcome to the Revolution.

  40. shortchain says:

    “liberal cesspool”? UWMadison (where I spent a pleasant time, long ago) is hardly more of that than any of the big ten, or the pac 10, and arguably less so than most of the ivy league, the atlantic conference, UTexas, or any of the top 100 schools in this country.But then, what kind of comment can we expect from somebody who thinks Geithner is an “academic”? (Hint: must have been an No. Where U — look at his bio.)I can’t comment on that thread, by the way. Permanently moderated.

  41. shortchain says:

    I have to say that anybody who is enthusiastic about voting for someone like Angle, O’Donnell, and especially for Paladino, has serious problems — and is likely to be profoundly disappointed no matter what happens in the election.

  42. Realist says:

    OK, Bart, I’ll bite.The Tea Party’s objective is to elect libertarian conservatives to Congress…Based on the comments made by Angle, O’Donnell, and Paladino, how are these people in line with libertarian ideals? I see the conservative, but I just don’t see the libertarian. Help me out here.

  43. shrinkers says:

    I have to agree with you, Realist. Judging by their public statements, the only high-profile Teaper-supported candidate even remotely libertarian is Rand Paul. The rest of them are clearly far too authoritarian and far too eager to stick government into everyone’s private parts.But then, the GOteaPers are a big tent. You have one candidate who likes sending out beastiality emails, and another who disapproves of masturbation. By the way, breaking evidence is being revealed that Meg Whitman has had someone in her employ as a housekeeper , someone who, she was told seven years ago, is in the country illegally. We could write this off as typical Meh? except the R’s are making such a big stink these days about them illegal aliens. If Whitman did know about it, this seems rather hypocritical. If she didn’t it makes Whitman look incompetent and stoopid. In either case, it seems more than a little convenient that Whitman would fire this housekeeper just last year, just in time to run for public office…

  44. shiloh says:

    Meg Whitman ~ 100+ million down the drain!but, but, but she is stimulating CA’s economy. :)and don’t tell Christine I’ve never masturbated O’Donnell. 😉

  45. Alki says:

    @ Shrinkers, stop hounding me. I close up the italics html…its works one time and then it doesn’t work the next time. Tell me what I am doing wrong and I will stop doing it.

  46. Alki says:

    @ Bart……..don’t you think its a little early to claim success. What races have teapers won? So what if they won their primaries. What open races have they won? And btw Scott Brown is no teaper.

  47. shrinkers says:

    @Alki No prob, my friend. I simply close when I find it, and put a word on my post ’cause it won’t let me do a blank post. No slight against you intended. It’s happened to all of us. Don’t worry, you’re cool.I don’t know why it sometimes doesn’t work. The software seems a big buggy.

  48. Monotreme says:

    @Alki, shrinkers:I have some of the same problems. I put html in some of my posts, and it disappears. For example, early this morning I submitted html with both italics and a hyperlink, and neither of them showed up in the post.

  49. Alki says:

    Thanks shrinkers. I couldn’t figure out what was happening. With italics, some sites you only have to do it in the front of the comment; with others, you have to close it the end as well. With this blog, because the software apparently is buggy, I couldn’t be sure which was the right way. I will try and refrain from using the italics tool going forward.Sorry if I overreacted. 😉

  50. shortchain says:

    Well, golly, I dread commenting on this here thread, being an “academic”, you know. And having spent a fair time at that “cesspool of liberality”, UWMadison (where they serve good beer in the student union, BTW, which is the definitive mark of a great institution).But here goes: italics — now, those are most definitely closed. And, if I may be so bold — and that sequence is absolutely, unquestionably, closed.For that matter, I’ve never had a problem with run-on text tags. Spelling, now, ah, that’s another story.I’ve done some active page-generation work using apache, and it’s a job requiring a lot of knowledge, skill, and, above all, patience.

  51. shortchain says:

    Alki,You have to close the tags here, as proven when people don’t.I think you can be safe using italics or bold provided you follow the safety play: always close your tags. If it’s not necessary, it will be ignored, but if it’s necessary, the closures have to be there.But somebody will clean up after you, or anybody else who forgets, anyway.

  52. shiloh says:

    My HTML mistakes are almost always not putting the “/” character in the closing tag er typos ;)Which is why again, a preview feature would be nice …carry on

  53. WA7th says:

    Saw this opinion piece over on the CNN website. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear he lifted it from the comments here.

  54. Mr. Universe says:

    @shortchain, othersWe’re going to make changes. The echinda is on my ass to do so (and if you’ve ever seen an echinda, you’ll know why that’s problematic). But my term started yesterday so give me a ittle bit of time. Mr. U

  55. shortchain says:

    Not to worry, Mr. U. It’s not my patience that’s short.WA7th — it’s odd how so many of the reports by non-believers are at variance with Bart’s ex cathedra definitions of the teabaggers, isn’t it?

  56. shrinkers says:

    @WA7th The article you linked is spot on.While the initial protests targeting government spending did spring up just weeks after Obama signed the $800 billion economic stimulus bill, there’s scant evidence of many future Tea Party protesters taking to the barricades in fall 2008 over the $700 billion Wall Street and bank bailout, a massive spending program launched by Republican George W. Bush.Nor did they protest the billions in debt wracked up during the Bush years for two wars, a tax cut tilted toward millionaires and billionaires and a pricey Medicare drug program. That suggests the Tea Party is less about preventing big government than about preventing government by Barack Obama.To the extent that the Tea Party has an agenda, it is a top-down affair, hatched largely in the studios of Beck and Rush Limbaugh

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