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None of the Above

by Mr. Universe Harry Reid is not a popular guy these days. The economy is really bad. People aren’t spending money to come and blow in Vegas (isn’t that funny; a town that relies on people sacrificing their livelihoods for … Continue reading

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My Rally’s Bigger Than Yours

  by Mr. Universe Saturday morning was the date of Jon Stewart‘s  “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear”. It was held on the National Mall just in front of the Capitol. The overriding message was one of the freedom of … Continue reading

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That Old Black Magic

by Filistro Last night was perfect for a spot of magic. The moon was on the wane, Hallowe’en is near so the spirits were abroad, and it wasn’t too cold. (Besides, I have a new bottle of Bailey’s). So near … Continue reading

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Better the Devil You Know…

One of our contributors from Florida in the comment section has posited that he is experiencing regret regarding his early vote for Kendrick Meek. I have to concur. I’m not sure what would happen if Meek dropped out now anyway. … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday

Election Day LiveBlog! Hey everybody! Well we’re going to try something new. The 538Refugees contributors are going to do an Election Day LiveBlog on Tuesday. We’re not sure how it will go but we will leave the comment section open … Continue reading

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My Great Depression

As it seems pretty likely now that we will have a Republican House with a Democratic Senate and President starting late January and I’ve begun to think about the economic impact. Obviously, even if the party predictions are spot on, there … Continue reading

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Rally to Restore Sanity/March for Fear

President Obama got the entirety of the show on ‘The Daily Show‘ last night; the only sitting President to do so. President Obama on The Daily Show Jon Stewart didn’t softball him either. He asked questions about what happened to … Continue reading

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