Free Forum Friday October 1 Edition

You know what to do. Now do it.

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Monotreme is an unabashedly liberal dog lover, writer, and former scientist who now teaches at a University in an almost-square state out West somewhere. |
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42 Responses to Free Forum Friday October 1 Edition

  1. shiloh says:

    One from earlier in the week which I thought would be better in free forum Friday …>Here’s the Rep nightmare 2012 scenario that would cause them to lose their religion! Assuming they ever had any religion to begin with. ;)2012 ~ Obama loses the popular vote, but wins the electoral college.Just adding to the theme of this thread of Bart’s inane hypothetical deflections.Reps usually nominate the runner-up from the previous election:’76 Reagan’92 Dole’00 McCain’08 flip/flopper extraordinaire mittensbut, but, but teabaggers currently rule winger nation …Quite the dilemma, eh.btw, Dec. 21, 2012 Mayan “End of Days” Apocalypse Prophecy …>Indeed, Bartles worse case scenario:Wingers regain power in 2012 and the world ends before Inauguration! :)As Judy Tenuta would say, It could happen! ;)carry on

  2. shiloh says:

    Wall Street posted its best September in (71) years! :)Re: Bartles trip to Italy, having visited many times, if you want good Italian food, go to New York City and Long Island.Rome, Vatican City, Florence, Leaning Tower of Pisa and Venice are must sees …

  3. Monotreme says:

    I’m almost certain that the stock market went up in anticipation of Bart’s trip to Italy.The S&P 500 had its best September since 1939, and it’s almost certainly because they got wind of this vacation.I’m writing a book about it, so it must be true.

  4. Monotreme says:

    We’re #42!(But Zimbabwe is in reach.)The Gini coefficient, which measures income disparity, has gone up from 40.7 to 45.0 in the last 13 years.If we keep that pace, we can pass Zimbabwe in 2023.If we pass Mexico, perhaps we can fix our illegal immigration problem as economic migrants begin to flow south across the border.The mind boggles.

  5. WA7th says:

    Does anyone really actually like Romney? I thought his appeal was mainly in his not being John McCain.

  6. Monotreme says:

    .@WA7th:Mitt Romney is beloved among the Mormons of Utah. He is the savior of the 2002 Winter Olympics..

  7. dr_funguy says:

    Will Republican Gains Help the Dems in 2012?The Big Dog (aka William Jefferson Clinton) opined last week that hypothetical Republican gains this fall might, should they occur, may help Obama’s re-election chances in 2012. His thesis as best I recall is that an even more dysfunctional Congress would leave voters wanting relief. Another point being when in power the conservatives tend to overplay their hands. Remember the government shutdown in 1994? A 70 million dollar investigation of a real estate deal in which the Clintons lost about $10,000 the upshot of which was — nothing? how about impeachment over a blowjob? Well, lying about it actually, but you get the point. Another down side is that the current crop of recruits make the class of ’94 look like Rhodes scholars — Sharon Angle, Christine O’Donnell, I mean talk about the shallow end of the gene pool! With their penchant for wanting to elimimate popular federal programs like social security and student loans, and preaching against masturbation, won’t these folks be hoist by their own petard should they actually get elected?

  8. WA7th says:

    It would be better than a new Christopher Buckley novel if Willie ran again himself in 2012. Hillary would be so ppiissssedd as to leave him, boosting his appeal even more. She would naturally be compelled to run herself, and resign as Sec State. She would have to run to save face while Gennifer Flowers covers the divorce proceedings on CourTV, right? The Senate would be too gridlocked to approve any new Sec State, even in time of war, and Obama would get blamed for that, making him odds-on favorite to come in fourth behind Al Franken at the nominating convention. How would The Dress make a comeback (sorry ’bout the pun) in this story? Hmmmm. Bill would win, but overreach in his first term. Repubs would take back the house in the midterms. Freshman Congressman Grimsby Lamm would start an ultimately successful proceeding to impeach him on the grounds that their previous impeachment from 1998 should still hold, that the Senate’s 1999 acquittal was unConstitutional do to some technicality. The swing vote to convict in the Senate would come down to freshman Senator Monica You-know-who, who would enter the Senate chambers wearing The Dress, still not dry-cleaned, bright lipstick covering half her face, carrying nothing but a box of cigars, her muttering “Jungle Red, baby, Jungle Red” all the way.

  9. Monotreme says:

    A blog without Bart and Filistro is like a day without sunshine.In the meantime, I want to indulge myself in something.Shiloh, I have been trying to imagine what you look and sound like in real life (IRL).So I’m guessing John Prine.How’d I do?

  10. Monotreme says:

    @WA7th,Funny. I’ve actually thought that President Obama’s best political play would be to demur, Lyndon Johnson-style, in March 2012 and leave the field to Hilary Clinton. He would retain one term of eligibility that he could use later; she could be President and get blamed for the recovery being so slow; and the Republicans could continue to beat themselves senseless with investigations of whether Joe Klein actually slept with Hilary like he said he did in Primary Colors.

  11. shiloh says:

    Mentioned at the old blog where Nate zapped/erased all the comments 😦 that in the USN was told I look like Fred MacMurray and Gasp! πŸ˜‰ Ronald Reagan!>btw, Thanx Ron, for the being the first to have over 100 members of your administration charged w/felonies and other crimes!.Nixon is demanding a recount lolwv: I’m gonna party like it’s 19999Carry on

  12. Monotreme says:

    @Shiloh:I’m sure they were thinking of The Caine Mutiny in which Fred MacMurray played a very complex character. I suppose he was the alter ego of Herman Wouk but I love the way the book (and movie) are set up so you think it’s all sewed up and neatly explained and then *BAM* the defense attorney pulls the rug out from under them and shows them they’re all d***s.

  13. Jean says:

    I can see why the right wingers comment here at 538refugees, rather than on Republican/teaper sites like redstate. For example, a moderator at redstate posts an article one of the first replies is a comment, “Can’t see? I can’t imagine having such a statist mindset that it would ever under any circumstances be nice to see anyone give any money to the NRCC, the NRSC, or the RNC.”Followed immediately by the article author/site moderator replying, “Yes, failure of imagination was your problem. Like the failure to imagine what would happen when you offered an insult to a site moderator” and then being banned by said moderator, who would unban the commenter if he apologized: “Hmmm. A three year account. Well, I’ll be merciful then and turn you back on, so that you can apologize for the insult.”Another redstater jumps into the fray, “And Moe… love ya, but it’s discouraging to see threats of banning posters as your first response. As I said at the open, statist is not how I would describe the situation, but there are some legitimate comparisons. You’re a very bright guy… have some dialog and lighten up. We’re on the same team here.”After which, the article author and site moderator directs everyone to “Direct all compaints via the Contact Us link. Insult to site moderators is not a viable long-term strategy. [Clarification: that is a general observation, not one specifically directed towards yourself.]Redstate moderators frequently ban their own loyal followers upon any deviation from whatever they feel is an “acceptable” belief. Apparently at right wing sites, they view discussion of and/or disagreement with an article or policy position as a “complaint” and therefore must be banned.

  14. dr_funguy says:

    Jean,You are right. my only foray into Townhall was subjected to an immediate ban. So much being all about free speech and the constitution. I had no idea they were fascistic as to ban their own. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  15. shrinkers says:

    @shilohWall Street posted its best September in (71) years! That’s not possible. Bart has already confidently predicted a “classic” double-dip recession. We all know hi predictions are always 1005 accurate, which is why he is so certain of what will happen on Nov 2.

  16. filistro says:

    @ Monotreme… Shiloh, I have been trying to imagine what you look and sound like in real life (IRL).Great minds and all that πŸ™‚ I recall long ago having a discussion at the old site about what people look like, was wanting to bring it up again now that we have whole raft of new people. I still have a hard time picturing shiloh as Fred MacMurray. (I picture him looking more like Will Millar, the lead singer on the Irish Rovers.)Treme, I recall you saying your students think you resemble Chevy Chase. Having since seen an actual picture of you, I think they’re absolutely right.I am Sally Field to the life… same size, shape, features, coloring and manner.So, everybody else… c’mon, play along. If they made a movie of your life, who would they cast in the title role? No cheating… you’re not allowed to say Brad Pitt if it should really be Jack Black… (though in all honesty I personally would take Jack over pretty bob Brad any day…)Anyhow, this should be interesting… πŸ™‚

  17. filistro says:

    @Doc… I had no idea they were fascistic as to ban their own.The Freepers regualry have purges of long-term members who don’t support the website’s candidate of choice. They lost about a quarter of their regulars dutin the last presidential cycle when they banned Guiliani supporters because for his stand on abortion.This time Freepers have already been warned that Romney supporters will not be allowed to post at the site if he makes a run for the nomination.

  18. filistro says:

    Sorry for typos. I’ve been out all day in the autumn sunshine for the first time in a long, long month, and I’m practically giddy with happiness…. :-):-):-)

  19. shortchain says:

    I have a very ordinary face.One of my best friends insists that the guy who plays Dexter on the TV show of the same name looks — and talks — just like me.Go ahead, you can say “Hmmmm.”

  20. shiloh says:

    Coincidentally, speaking of practically giddy with happiness….After seeing Sally in Stay Hungry … I too, was giddy w/happiness! :)Sorry Sally er fili πŸ˜‰ couldn’t resist as it’s a guy thing.Carry on …

  21. Jean says:

    I am a tall brown-eyed blonde in the mold of Brittney Spears, although at age 61, realistically more like Brittney 30 years from now. My life and work over the years, however, has been much more Erin Brockovich.

  22. filistro says:

    shiloh… much as I hate to trample on an obviously pleasant fantasy, I have to remind you that Sally and I are both a LOT older now…:-) though it seems like yesterday I was working my way through college making cheesy TV commercials. I clearly recall lying on the hood of a certain Buick in a pink bikini and murmuring to the camera… “Life is GREAT on the Riviera…” Oh dear. The things we were willing to do for an education, eh? πŸ˜‰

  23. filistro says:

    @ Jean… a tall brown-eyed blonde in the mold of Brittney Spears, although at age 61, realistically more like Brittney 30 years from now. That’s exactly how I pictured you! Plus… a genuine biker babe….I’ll bet you’re awesome, Jean. Truly a woman to be reckoned with πŸ™‚

  24. shiloh says:

    “Life is GREAT on the Riviera…”So true, St Raphael, France and San Remo, Italy were very nice indeed, nude beaches notwithstanding …Had Shore Duty in St. Raphael on July 14th, 1980 ~ Bastille Day, I digress.When my sister was in grade school she looked like Hayley Mills and they were both very likable! :)>Much like myself. πŸ˜‰

  25. mclever says:

    I don’t know if I’ve posted enough for regulars to have formed an impression of me, but it’s always interesting to hear what others think.So, you tell me. Who would play the role of mclever in the movie about this blog?

  26. mclever says:

    Alright, fili. I’m now picturing you as Sally relaxing on the porch after an afternoon of arduous blogging. Laptop on your knees and tall iced tea in one hand. With your curls tucked behind one ear, you sputter tea all over the keyboard. “Bart said what??”:-)Am I close??

  27. filistro says:

    mclever… 1.) My curls are too short to tuck. They tend to stand on end.2.) I’m a coffee drinker.3.) Nothing Bart says can surprise me anymore, let alone induce sputters.Otherwise… yeah, right on :-)As for you… your writing is so pure, professional and well-honed, I can’t form a picture of you at all. You tend to disappear behind the words, just as all the very best writers do.So c’mon, help me out here. Just a tiny hint, okay? πŸ™‚

  28. mclever says:

    I’m flattered that you consider my writing to be “professional and well-honed.” πŸ™‚ Such compliments warm the cockles of this poor software implementer’s heart.As a hint, I am a band geek who plays trumpet, a former math team nerd, a bookworm, a science freak, and a huge sports aficionado, but I don’t look like any of those caricatures.;-)

  29. filistro says:

    mclever… okay.. I’m thinking Hugh Grant.Am I right?

  30. Monotreme says:

    I have been negotiating with Jesse Eisenberg to play the role of McLever in “538: The Movie”.

  31. Mr. Universe says:

    RE: mcleverDudes: That’s my ideal profile on The only other thing is if she’s a brunette that wears glasses.

  32. shrinkers says:

    If they made a movie of your life, who would they cast in the title role?I’m told I look a little like Al Pacino with a beard. I don’t see it, but there it is.Jean and filistro both sound like total babes.

  33. filistro says:

    shrinkers I’m told I look a little like Al Pacino with a beard. Serpico!Yummy.That is all πŸ™‚

  34. mclever says:

    Hugh Grant? Jesse Eisenberg?Again, I’m flattered!Unfortunately, I look more like Dakota Fanning will in about a decade, except with brown eyes and honey-brown hair. I’m a shorter than her, and I don’t usually wear my glasses. Sorry, Mr. U. I’ve also been told I look like a brunette Sharon Stone, but I don’t see it.

  35. filistro says:

    Aha… mclever’s a GIRL!!You sly minx… ;-)Seriously, I wonder what it says about us that when somebody is cogent, computer-literate, logical, and politically engaged, we tend to assume that person is male.(Nothing good, I’m afraid…)

  36. Monotreme says:

    A New York Times reporter digs into a grassroots movement, and finds Astroturf.

  37. Monotreme says:

    McLever:That was a pleasant surprise.I have an intense dislike for Sharon Stone, so it’s all right with me that you don’t resemble her. My current crush in that regard is Virginia Madsen, who has a wicked Twitter feed and also donated $100 to the pet charity of a guy she doesn’t know…me.Maybe you resemble a young(er) Virginia Madsen, instead? Princess Irulan in Dune, anyone?

  38. mclever says:

    @Monotreme: I won’t deprive you of your fantasies, but I only wish I had the aquiline nose and enchantingly sea-blue eyes of someone like Madsen. Of older actresses, I actually think I look most like Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, but several inches shorter and with brown eyes. @fili: Seriously, I wonder what it says about us that […] we tend to assume that person is male. I did warn you that I didn’t fit the caricatures… ;-)Because I usually do not overtly advertise my gender when I post, I am frequently mistaken for male. Furthermore, I often find my comments are taken less seriously if my age or gender is revealed, so I have a habit of hiding both. It’s a sad commentary, indeed. However, it’s a sign of the respect I have for the folks who post here that I trust I will not suffer such condescension or bias for having revealed myself now. πŸ™‚

  39. filistro says:

    @mclever… However, it’s a sign of the respect I have for the folks who post here that I trust I will not suffer such condescension or bias for having revealed myself now.I can’t really imagine any condescension or bias in here… though I CAN foresee Mr U hitting on you πŸ™‚ I suspect you are exactly his type. Trumpet player, math and science freak, bookworm, smart, attractive…. I think poor Mr U. is probably already smitten :-)Seriously, it’s so great to have you here. Anything that lowers the overall testosterone level of the place is great.Unopposed testosterone is such a dreadful, terrible, dangerous substance.

  40. Jean says:

    So far a brunette Sharon Stone/Julie Andrews, a blonde Brittney Spears and a brunette Sally Fields. And yes, shrinkers, we ARE babes . . . and smart babes, at that. Anyone other babes lurking out there who care to join?

  41. shrinkers says:

    And yes, shrinkers, we ARE babes . . . and smart babes, at that. My favorite sorts to keep company with.filistro — I have to modify the Serpico image… take that and make him starting to go bald. Sorry about that. πŸ™‚

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