2012 is On!

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Mitch McConnell didn’t waste any time after the election. He pretty much told President Obama to take his olive branch and shove it.

My one remaining purpose in political life is now to dismantle the Republican party Once and for all.

As DC is fond of asking, “why do Republicans hate America?”

About Mr. Universe

Mr. Universe is a musician/songwriter and an ex-patriot of the south. He currently lives and teaches at a University in the Pacific Northwest. He is a long distance hiker who has hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. He is also an author and woodworker. An outspoken political voice, he takes a decidedly liberal stance in politics.
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23 Responses to 2012 is On!

  1. Bart DePalma says:

    Olive branch? Obama gave the finger to the voters again yesterday.Boehner just finished a Fox News interview promising to first pass repeal of Obamacare and then noted: “There are a lot of tricks up our sleeves…I am going to make sure this Heath care bill never ever ever gets implemented.”Boehner also suggested that the GOP hopes to mobilize the Tea Party against members of both parties.Finally, some spine!Obama’s war on the voters continues, we finally have our own army in the field.

  2. Mainer says:

    Some really,really,really poor choices of words Bart. So when do you join the militia and storm the state house? Or are you going to skip all that and go straight for the White House? Your side is not the only side in the country.

  3. Bart DePalma says:

    Mainer:All my words were chosen with care. Mr. U declared war on the GOP. I am reciprocating with love.

  4. Alki says:

    The Seattle Times calls it for Patty Murray. The Western firewall remains intact.Welcome back for another six years, Sen. Murray!

  5. shiloh says:

    BARRRRRRRRRRRT !!!You’re back! Did you enjoy your (((20 minute))) πŸ˜‰ break from 538refugees?just wonderin’as to what you just barted in this thread, it’s always a real time saver to avoid you altogether …but, but, but it is interesting his beloved teabaggers are barting about repealing health care, yada yada yada. Indeed everything not to do w/helping Americans attain/find jobs is what Reps are talking about now, before they even have power in the House, which is still a couple mos. away.>Yea, that’s a good political meme for wingers as they continue to personally attack the president 24/7 and not discuss helping Americans find jobs.Bart, one is such a fraud, give it a rest big boy and don’t be too disappointed when your teabagger clan gets crushed by the Rep establishment. Reps fall in line Bartles! Get w/the program.Breaking … palin’s teabaggers are the reason the Reps didn’t take control of the senate lol>btw Bart, since none of your elected Rep congress/senate folk will answer the question, let me, for my amusement, ask you:How will you pay for continuing cheney/bush tax cuts across the board. What will you cut Bartles, since all of your winger politicians haven’t got a clue. Let me put this in simple terms, if you continue to cut taxes and not cut any part of govt. spending the deficit will increase. Is this the Reps new plan to save America? Are Reps the new Dems ;)Yea, the next (2) years will be quite entertaining.>btw, Bartles suggested that he might take a break earlier so a few of might πŸ˜‰ pander him into changin’ his mind lol. Again, no need to announce you are leaving or might leave/take a break, just frickin’ leave …solo estoy diciendo

  6. shiloh says:

    Bart, will you be sending $$$ to the teabagger(s) who oppose Scott Brown/Olympia Snowe et al in 2012.Think of it as investing in America! πŸ˜‰

  7. Mainer says:

    Olympia is an old friend of the family and I fear she has already done herself in. The teas will primary her out most likely and then she will have to face a real challenge most likely from our Southern Maine house (newly reelected by 15% points US rep) and or our just defeated Indy gov candidate. How ever it works there will not be a Repubican going back and after the state gets to see a teaper gov in action for 2 years it sure as hell will not be a teaper. Collins will most likely go the same route 2 years after that should she run which is by no means certain.Scott is an interesting case. Coakley was just reelected comfortably and the Republicans there are just screaming about how bad things are but got pretty much crushed…..Scott is no fool and he is a Mass son. He can either go on freeper/teaper modeon steroids (which still might not help him, he can do stuff to hurt his state or he can just say screw you and do what needs to be done. The blush is already gone from the rose and now he has to decide what he is going to do. My favorite scenario is for him to become a Democrat and go back and really be a thorn. Most likely he will just be gone come 2012.

  8. Mr. Universe says:

    John Kitzhaber was certified this morning as Oregon’s Governor

  9. Bart DePalma says:

    shiloh/Mainer:The Tea Party candidate Le Page was just elected governor of Maine and the GOP took over both chambers of the state legislature.Snowe might want to rediscover some of that old Yankee frugality in the next two years if she wants to keep her job.

  10. shiloh says:

    Bartles, just because we’re buddies and I really want you to enjoy your evening …Maria Teresa Kumar was just on Lawrence O’Donnell and mentioned the obvious re: Latinos ie they were the reason Harry Reid won in NV, but also the reason Bennet and Hickenlooper did well in CO as whoever ran that Republican political ad telling Hispanics not to vote, genius I tell ya’, pure genius!So Bart, Colorado not doing well in the national Rep wave on Tuesday really, really has ‘ya down dude, eh.It’s not the end of the world, it just seems that way. ;)Surely Speaker Boehner will lead you guys to teabagger heaven …Hey, he takes care of his own as he covered up for his friend, Mark Foley.solo estoy diciendo

  11. Mainer says:

    LePage isn’t a bad guy Bart but he is so far in over his head it isn’t funny. The folks that made this happen for him are the ones most hurting and in need of suppport…..support he is now going to have to chop to the bone any one that got it was going to have to. Conversely the people that he needs to turn things around just didn’t vote for him and see him as an indication of part of the problem. I really wanted the Indy but he came close and ran LePage right to the wire. The Dem is a really nice lady and she got trampled by two bulls…..she is still a nice lady.The legislature isn’t what you might expect. I voted for two of those Republcans in there, one in the senate and one in the house. They are old school fiscal conservtives with none of the social conservative crap. The teapers that did get in are about to be schooled by some folks that can make one listen. And hey they have 2 years to produce or the next wave will be all Democrats. It is the way the state is. Every so often we give Republicans a try, they screw up royaly and then we go back to Dems.Olympia is already most likely toast. She is smart and does not need the crap she is going to have to put up with. She will most likely be replaced by a Dem. Maine politics are a little different Bart and at times hard to understand. This will all work out. It was already tough up here and some stuff LePage will try will make it worse and he will be gone. One of the interesting side bets is how long it will take him to end up in jail for assault. Guy has some thing of a hair trigger temper and doesn’t like to get cornered…..he is going to find himself living in a corner, wouldn’t want that state police assignment.

  12. DC Petterson says:

    So, Boehner declares open war. And Bart takes his marching orders and continues the propaganda nonsense.Obama was elected with an enormous mandate. The Republicans have opposed the woll of the voters for two years. In frustration at the state of the economy (which the Republicans did everything in their power to cripple), a little over half of the 41% who bothered to vote have elected some extra Republicans. Bart has the gall to continue his propaganda nonsense.It’s time to stand up to the obstructionism and lies of the right.Bart, do you have the balls to answer any of Michael’s economic questions? I bet not.

  13. Gainsbourg says:

    There are two interesting fights shaping up in the GOP. Bachmann vs Boehner and DeMint vs McConell. I don’t see how the establishment GOPers survive this one. Bachmann and her throng of Teabaggers look like an imminent threat to Boehner. That’s probably why he was crying the other night. And Jim DeMint can get Harry Reid ousted by gettin another Rand Paul to run for his seat in Kentucky. He made those over the top, aggressive comments in order to appear tough to the baggers.

  14. shrinkers says:

    @Gainsbourg He made those over the top, aggressive comments in order to appear tough to the baggers.Yes, it is sad when the most powerful Republican in the House is scared spitless by a bunch of lunatics.Teabaggers ran idiots in three or four states the Republicans should have won, and so blew their chance to take the Senate. And the looney right thinks doubling down on the crazy will help them in 2012.We’ll watch two years of Republican bloodletting and self-immolation as the lemmings jump over their own cliff (sorry for the mixed metaphors). The irrational soundbites alone will be worth the last election.So, the House will pass legislation that won’t get past the Senate, diddling while America burns. This is going to be entertaining!And now that Republicans are in charge, they’ll show how irrational they really are. And they’ll get the blame for the worsening economy their inaction will cause.Bart, your guys won. It’s all on you now.

  15. shrinkers says:

    By the way, just to show how irrational he is, Boehner today rejected Obama’s suggestion that there be a ban on earmarks. After campaigning on the evils of earmarks, the Republicans hate hate hate Obama sooooo much, they’ll turn against their own suggestions.The best thing Obama can do is embrace Tea Party proposals. The insane Republicans in Congress will reject his suggestions out of habit. The Teaper voters will turn against their own elected darlings.It’s what Clinton did, stealing all of the Republican issues out from under them. He was re-elected in a landslide, and left office even more popular than the day he was elected, despite constant Republican hatred, after leading the Republican Congress around by the nose for 6 years.Do keep in mind, Obama has both Clintons as advisers.

  16. shrinkers says:

    The Tea Party candidate Le Page was just elected governor of Maine Bart, Bart, Bart, yes, the Teapers can win primaries and even a handful of midterms, when only small numbers of people vote. Colorado is turning blue. The western firewall held. Republicans are less popular than Democrats. As people learn about Teapers, they don’t like what they see (for really good reason). And now you’ve got two years to show how dreadfully nutty your guys’ policies really are.And, of course, your “worst-case scenario” is what happened on Tuesday.Many months ago, you proposed a bet that I accepted, and then you weaseled out of it. Good thing for me, because you would have won. If you’re an example of Teaperhood, 2012 will be a cakewalk.

  17. Realist says:

    @shrinkers,And, of course, [Bart’s] “worst-case scenario” is what happened on Tuesday.Now, now, shrinkers, that’s not being fair. His worst-case scenario in the Senate happened, but the House was somewhere between his “worst” scenario (+50) and “most likely” scenario (+72). Slightly closer to his “worst” scenario.

  18. Alki says:

    Bart,Stop threatening everyone…..including Snowe. Its getting old.

  19. Alki says:

    @ shrinkers…..Lets make this very clear….LePage won because two other guys split the liberal vote in Maine. Rubio did not get a majority in FLA. In fact, most teapers running in state wide races lost. In less than 5 years time, teapers will be history.

  20. Alki says:

    Read it and weep, Bart. Murray won by a fairly big margin in an R wave year because of King County’s turnout. Obama asked us to come out and we did, breaking records in the process. In spite of the losses, Dems are jazzed. Mark my words, in two years, this win of yours will be a loss. πŸ˜‰King County Shatters Midterm Voting Record With 71 Percent Turnouthttp://blogs.seattleweekly.com/dailyweekly/2010/11/king_county_shatters_mid-term.php

  21. Mr. Universe says:

    One thing I know about New Englanders. You can’t push them around or box them in. They will vote their conscience every time. Take New Hampshire. They completely befuddle me. They vote contrary to New England almost every time. I have yet to figure out what their motivations are. Mainers, (not the Mainer we know and love, but more generally) typically do the same but with a different result than New Hampshire. What do you suppose drives this pattern?One thing you can be sure of is that you can’t really be sure of anyhting except that New England will vote the way they see fit, locally. Rest of the world be damned. In New England, all politics is indeed local.

  22. filistro says:

    @ Gainsbourg There are two interesting fights shaping up in the GOP. Bachmann vs Boehner and DeMint vs McConell.YES!!! That’s exactly what I’m watching, too. Those two battles are key, and will be significant harbingers of the future. I think the establishment is planning to try to roll over the Teapers by giving them lots of lip service but denying them any real power. And I don’t believe this will work.BTW… Chuck Todd just referred to Jim DeMint as “the intellectual leader of the Tea Party.” That made me choke on my soy milk.

  23. Mainer says:

    I had the great opportunity to talk this day with 2 pretty major Republicans and a couple of influential Dems up here. All 4 are behind the scenes types but generally in the know. The Repubs are really proud of what they acheived (rightfully as it is the first time since 1962) and antsy as all get out. The Dems are up set that they got swept and quite releived that it is not going to fall on their shoulders what next happens. Who on here keeps saying the ying and yang of politics? This sure as heck is.I suspect you are right about us in the upper right hand corner of the country being a little different with our politics……and no I’m not sure why that is either. But from NY north we can go contrary to moves with no indication it is coming. I guess we are just stubborn. I hope our new legislature and govenor do well and fix our budget mess (as an Indy I can win in two directions you know) but i’m afraif that the only way they can do it is to really piss off the very people that got them there which includes my town and area.

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