Welcome to the new 538 Refugees blog!

We invite you to look around, and explore the new site, now hosted by WordPress. There are a couple features we’d like to call your attention to:

  • Protection Against Forging: Your comments are accompanied by a unique image, which you are free to change. All comments associated with you will have the same image. If you change that image, the change will apply to all comments you have made. This protects against other commenters forging comments pretending to be you.
  • Mobile Phone Access: You can not only view the site in a format designed for mobile phones, but also can install reader applications on modern smartphones. Both methods allow you to post comments from your phone.

If you register an account at WordPress, you can manage your own profile as well, which will allow you to share whatever information you wish about yourself.

We’re very excited about the new site, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

About Michael Weiss

Michael is now located at, along with Monotreme, filistro, and dcpetterson. Please make note of the new location.
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20 Responses to Housewarming

  1. filistro says:

    Look, everybody, the stuff we can do here is wicked cool! quite interesting….

    🙂 🙂

  2. Mr. Universe says:

    Fun for the whole family!

  3. filistro says:

    This link is for Monotreme who came to my mind immediately when I read it.

    It’s not every day you find an article about wet dogs and physics.

  4. I guess we can consider this to be the Free Forum Friday. 🙂

  5. Oddly enough, “Recent Comments” isn’t updating with our most recent comments.

    But this appears to be due to time zone issues. This should go away as of tonight.

  6. filistro says:

    LOL Michael… FFF indeed… 😛

    You’ve done a truly fabulous job. Everything’s going smooth as silk so far (touch wood…)

  7. filistro says:

    One thing MW… when I posted in the thread just below, my comment appeared at the top instead of the bottom. Any idea why?

  8. Time zone issue. The old blog used a different time zone than the new one, and the new site sorts the comments by timestamp. It’s like the old days when they flew jets faster, and you’d land before you took off. 🙂

    That will all go away as of this evening.

  9. shrinkers says:

    It’s good to be in a new place!

  10. Thanks for all the good work. Moving the digital space can be a pain in the ass. Seems like you all came out of it pretty ok.

  11. Mainer says:

    Boy you got that right Robert. I wonder if this new look will help with an eye strain issue I have been having? I need new glasses but the old black back ground would at times make my eyes feel as though they were going to pop out. This is so much easier to read.

  12. Glad you approve. It’s easier on my eyes too.

  13. DrFunguy says:


  14. drfunguy says:

    testing my wordpress account

  15. drfunguy says:

    so I guess we still can’t delete or edit our posts?

  16. Jean says:

    Uh oh, Bart. Despite your protests to the contrary, the tea party appears to be more teavangelical than libertarian. Apparently you’ve been hijacked by the teavangelicals:

    “Moral decline was surpassed only by economic concerns in importance for voters in last week’s election, according to a voter survey by Concerned Women for America. Encouraged by a large turnout by social conservative voters, pro-life activists are demanding immediate returns from the massive GOP electoral victories in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Pro-life activists expect Republicans to be much more assertive in the legislative battle against abortion. “Pro-lifers now have the majority in the House,” said Jill Stanek, a prominent prolife columnist and blogger. “I’m optimistic the Republican leadership got the message they’re on a two-year probation and they’re going to do as much as they can to help the preborn.” McClusky said FRC plans to hold the GOP “accountable” for pressing ahead on social issues, and also for whom it chooses to chair House committees.

    A separate poll conducted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition found that evangelical Christians formed “the largest single constituency in the electorate in the 2010 midterm elections.” Evangelicals represented 29 percent of the vote in the 2010 midterm election, nearly a third of the total, and they broke nearly 4:1 for the Republicans. Another 12 percent of voters were religious Catholics, who voted 3:2 for Republicans.

    While news coverage of the decisive Tea Party movement focused on its anti-tax and anti-spending positions, the FFC survey revealed that “52 percent of all self-identified members of the Tea Party movement are conservative evangelicals.”

  17. Gator says:

    A tip o’the hat. Really like this format. Nicely done.

  18. Not yet. We’re working on it long-term, though.

  19. Thank you. I’m pretty proud of it. 🙂

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