Media Consolidation Continues

We continue to see the revolution of media as the Internet defines it. Howard Fineman goes to the Huffington Post. A website barely a few years old does a 50/50 merger with a media icon like Newsweek. Newspapers are becoming a thing of the past. The Post Office is closing offices across America (including mine) because fewer people are reading print media. Political novices such as ourselve can actually run a decent blog. I’m left to wonder how this will all shake out. And it’s not just the media, it’s everything. When was the last time you used a travel agent to buy a plane ticket? When did you last look at the classifieds to find a used car? How many of us have found dates the old fashioned way? How many of us still buy CDs? Blockbuster is gone. We live in really interesting times.

Daily Beast and Newsweek to Merge

About Mr. Universe

Mr. Universe is a musician/songwriter and an ex-patriot of the south. He currently lives and teaches at a University in the Pacific Northwest. He is a long distance hiker who has hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. He is also an author and woodworker. An outspoken political voice, he takes a decidedly liberal stance in politics.
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16 Responses to Media Consolidation Continues

  1. fopplssiegeparty says:

    I wonder if they’re going to hire Judith Griggs.

  2. filistro says:

    fopsy wins the prize for Snowflake Most likely to Have been Designed While Under the Influence.


  3. filistro says:

    I wonder what all this new media will do to book publishing. In the Olden Days (like, 15 years ago) you wrote a book, submitted three chapters and a synopisis ON PAPER to an editor, then waited six months for your rejection letter.

    Now with co-op publishing, POD books and Kindle, I’m not even sure how it’s done anymore. But I bet it’s nothing like it used to be.

  4. filistro says:

    (I have a passionate interest in snowflakes)

  5. Walker says:

    The website is vastly improved! Kudos to all those who struggled and did the proverbial “sweat equity” to bring it up to speed. A couple of thoughts on a couple of topics. First of all, the final of Dancing With the Stars…just kidding… The merger of Newsweek and The Daily Beast. In my opinion, the Daily Beast is where media is at, i.e, opinionated, a vigorous online presence, real analysis, not laboring under the capital weight of supporting a print media format. Why they would ever decide to tie them selves to the decaying carcass that is Newsweek is beyond me. Newsweek was run into the ground by that smug dufus from Tennessee. His name escapes me. He accelerated their demise by making a fey, thin soup, gossipy, left-wing news rag.

    Regarding the election of 2010. Yeah, the Republicans stomped ass. Who didn’t see that coming? Still the “victory” feels hallow. It wasn’t the Right that won but the Left that lost. People are just scared for the future, scared about the debt, scared about jobs and took it out on the president’s party. I was saddened to see Bennet win in Colorado. He will be a good, valuable, left-winger in the years ahead. I was happy and surprised to see Feingold go down in Wisconsin. My heavens, that Republican Johnson guy must have ran an incredible campaign! I was also happy to see Grayson lose. He was toxic.

    Obama is still favored in ’12. The economy should come back. Plus the Republicans are morons and weak. Still, he needs to beef up his operation and clean house a bit. Pull and Bill Clinton and triangulate. Think he has it in him??

  6. filistro says:


    (That is all. Carry on 🙂

  7. fopplssiegeparty says:

    My neighbor self-published last year. He says he’s almost at break even.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that the snowflake is created by some program that uses your email address as the input for the design.

  8. shiloh says:

    True, Reps won be default just like the Dems won by default in 2006/2008. Again, one party screws up and is replaced by the other party. Obama was smart enough to win the election, he should be smart enough to win re-election … or not.

    The power of incumbency can never be underestimated as incumbent Ford, who wasn’t elected v-p or president, almost overcame a (33) pt. deficit against Carter in ’76:

    General Election Campaign In presidential trial-heat matchups between Ford and Carter, Ford trailed the eventual Democratic nominee by small margins in March, April, and early May. By late May, Carter opened up a double-digit lead and maintained it until late September. Carter’s lead swelled to as much as 33 points, 62% to 29% among registered voters, after the Democratic convention that year. Ford cut into the margin after the Republican convention, reducing a 25-point (57% to 32%) early August deficit to 13 points (50% to 37%). … In a poll conducted immediately after their first debate, Carter maintained a double-digit lead. But Ford chipped away at that lead and before the second debate a poll showed the two in a statistical dead heat (Carter 47%, Ford 45%). However, in the next debate Ford incorrectly asserted that Eastern Europe was not under Soviet domination, and Carter pulled ahead, 48% to 42%. Carter continued to lead the race for the next few weeks, but Ford made up additional ground following the third debate in late October, again pulling even. In the final pre-election poll, Gallup’s numbers indicated a statistical dead heat among likely voters, with Ford at 49% and Carter 48% (the unallocated numbers had Ford at 47% and Carter at 46%). The actual outcome was 50% for Carter and 48% for Ford. The election was so close that it was not certain that Carter would win until the morning after Election Day.


    Again, Reagan didn’t finalize his win against Carter until the final weekend of the 1980 election, even w/all of Carter’s negatives ie high inflation, gas prices etc. and the (((444 day))) Iran Hostage Crisis disaster!


    The intrigue of course is palin should she decide to run as she still has 80% approval among Republicans ?!? Who are these people lol.

  9. filistro says:

    Yes, the snowflakes are generated automatically to make it more difficult for people to pretend to be you. But they seem to be eerily matched to the personalities of their owners.

    I don’t believe we’ve met, but from your snowflake I would have to say you’re an uncluttered, get-right-to-the-point kind of a persson… and somewhat of an individualist. Quiet in crowds, but not missing a thing.

    Am I close? (If not, it’s the snowflake’s fault 😉

    As for self-publishing… it seems to be the done thing nowadays, and no wonder. Very few publishers will look at unagented writers, and very few agents are handling unpublished writers… the ultimate Catch-22. I don’t know where the new books are going to come from.

  10. Mr. Universe says:

    Walker! Where the hell have you been? We missed you.

  11. fopplssiegeparty says:

    I can’t reply to your post (below).

    You are close, with the exception of the fact that I miss plenty.

    As far as I can tell, books in the future will spring from the nether regions of the Becks, Palins, Bushes….

  12. fopplssiegeparty says:

    As you can see, I don’t know how this works.

  13. filistro says:

    @fopsie… As far as I can tell, books in the future will spring from the nether regions of the Becks, Palins, Bushes….

    LOL… snowflakes be damned… you are clearly One Of Us… 🙂

    The comment function is kind of odd, isn’t it? It’s like you can “reply” once or twice, but then the conversation gets shut off and must be resumed at the bottom of the thread.

  14. DC Petterson says:


    Since I’m now a published ebook novelist — with an ebook publishing house, not self-published — I’ve got some experience with the new media.

    Ebook houses (as contrasted with self-publishing) try to do things in a fashion similar to traditional dead-tree publishing, but electronically. Submit chapters and a synopsis — through email — and get replies — through email. Edits happen through email. The final product is made available online. Places like Amazon sell it as digital-rights downloads, in a variety of formats (Kindle and other ebook readers, PDF, etc.)

    The process takes a lot less time than for dead trees, and costs the publisher a lot less. The downloads are cheaper for the customer. The writer gets a larger percentage of a smaller price. But it’s even harder to make livable income, because the competition is greater (more titles) and the media is not yet as “respectable” as dead trees.

    Since I’m legitimately on the subject, I can plug my works in the form of simply showing a couple of examples. Take a look here and here. For how it looks on Amazon, see here.

  15. I fixed that. It’s a site setting. I bumped it up to 10 levels, the maximum supported. If that gets hard to follow, I’ll drop it back down to a more manageable number.

  16. mclever says:

    So, if I ever got around to writing a book, I can count on all of you writers in here for advice, right?


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