This Just In: Interpol Issues Warrant for Wikileaks Founder

Interpol has issued international wanted poster for the “provisional arrest” of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. According to Wired:

A Red Notice is kind of international wanted poster seeking the provisional arrest of a fugitive, with an eye towards extradition to the nation that issued the underlying arrest warrant. Interpol transmits the notices to its 188 member countries, including Britain, where Assange is believed to be located. Interpol has no authority to compel a subject’s arrest. It issued 5,020 Red Notice last year for a variety of crimes.

A terse extract of Assange’s notice appeared on Interpol’s website Tuesday, without a photograph, reporting that the 39-year-old Australian is wanted for “sex crimes” by the International Public Prosecution Office in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Hot on the heels of the largest interdiction action in history. Looks like the drama is just beginning. Check out the Daily Show’s humourous take on this below.

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Mr. Universe is a musician/songwriter and an ex-patriot of the south. He currently lives and teaches at a University in the Pacific Northwest. He is a long distance hiker who has hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. He is also an author and woodworker. An outspoken political voice, he takes a decidedly liberal stance in politics.
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19 Responses to This Just In: Interpol Issues Warrant for Wikileaks Founder

  1. robert verdi says:

    In the name of transparency he should tell the world where he is.

  2. dcpetterson says:

    robert, there’s a difference between government secrecy / transparency and personal privacy. Any libertarian will tell you that.

  3. shortchain_is_off_the_reservation says:

    I have to report that your links seem to be hosed.

    (I’m not trying to masquerade, I’m just posting from the far end of my chain.)

  4. filistro says:

    And right on cue, Republican presidential candidates, FOX news employees and influential right wing bloggers are all calling for Assange to be executed.

    Because of course, if you let the world find out that Mohammar Ghadafi has a Ukranian girlfriend, YOU MUST DIE…

  5. Mr. Universe says:

    I’m working on the link thing.

  6. Eusebio Dunkle says:

    Why did the Swedish prosecution refuse the testimony he offered while still in their country? Why is Interpol involved in a minor sexual assault case? What a farce. The calls for this man’s execution and the labels of Wikileaks as a terrorist organization [by US politicians, pundits, and important media figures] justifies everything this organization has ever done. There is no hope.

    Support democracy:

  7. Great stuff, Eusebio.

  8. fili,

    Huckabee wasn’t calling for Assange’s death. He was calling for the death of whomever gave the information to Assange.

  9. filistro says:

    @Michael… Ah yes. You’re right. It was just some winger bloggers:

    Townhall’s John Hawkins wrote a Tuesday morning column entitled “5 Reasons The CIA Should Have Already Killed Julian Assange”

    ..and that OTHER potential presidential candidate:

    Fox News contributor Sarah Palin took to her Facebook page to suggest that Assange deserved the same treatment as terrorists and insurgents.


  10. filistro says:

    Poor little Bradley Manning. The wingers will (in the immortal words of Larry McMurty) .. “hang him, then shoot him an’ burn him”… and gather round to pee on his tiny twitching corpse… and never, ever stop to think why or how this happened.

    Because that’s how they roll.

  11. Armchair Warlord says:


    Manning could be put to death under the UCMJ and as far as I care he absolutely deserves it. The government’s decision to try him for lesser crimes is an act of mercy that I do not think he merits, although it does make his prosecution something less of the spectacle that going after him for, say, aiding the enemy would.

    Similarly, Wikileaks is not a media organization that just happens to find their info lying on the ground conveniently – they clearly engaged in a conspiracy to steal classified information and publish it with the intent to damage American interests. This is simply illegal and they should be dismantled accordingly – they may not fit a strict definition of a terrorist organization (legally I’d put them somewhere between a drug cartel and a terrorist group) but they are sure as hell enemies of America.

  12. Armchair Warlord says:

    Although, on reflection – executing someone for leaking information to a third party would set an ugly precedent. Personally I believe Manning’s reckless and malicious behavior would justify it anyways but we probably should not give future courts the opportunity to abuse a precedent in a case of, say, a politically-driven prosecution.

  13. Armchair,

    This is simply illegal and they should be dismantled accordingly

    I’m unclear as to which laws are being broken. He’s an Australian living in Switzerland, with a web site hosted…somewhere else, I guess. And he’s clearly being careful about not leaving evidence of transactions within the US.

  14. Armchair Warlord says:


    I think it could be established that Assange directed the Wikileaks organization to violate US law much like the leader of say a drug cartel based outside of the US would. While it’s generally accepted that publishing classified information you happened to receive is fair game (although it’s still technically illegal), Wikileaks crossed a very important line by actively aiding Manning’s efforts to steal and unlawfully disclose that information. I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to ask for his extradition to stand trial.

  15. Armchair,

    Wikileaks crossed a very important line by actively aiding Manning’s efforts to steal and unlawfully disclose that information.

    Possibly so. Hard to say without knowing exactly what happened there. Do you have a pointer to public details about that interaction? I’d like to see it if you do.

  16. Armchair Warlord says:


    A little Googling turned up some new stories – Manning appears to have been in contact with individuals in the Boston area who tied him into the WikiLeaks organization and gave him technical support while he was on mid-tour leave from Iraq.

  17. Yeah, I saw that, too. I also found out today that he got caught because he stupidly bragged to someone in the security community about what he was doing. He probably deserves his time in Leavenworth for that alone.

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