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Couldn’t resist. Happy 2011 everyone from ATL. Mr. Universe. woo hoo!

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Free Forum Friday New Year’s Eve Edition

Time to comment like it’s 2011! (Now would seem as good of a time as any to make your predictions and wishes for 2011. Peace and prosperity to you in 2011 from the 538 Refugees crew. –  Mr. Universe)

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Cinco de Enero

America Held Hostage: Day 704. Hostage Release in Sight? Everyone is familiar with Cinco de Mayo, the day Mexico thwarted an attempt of a French occupation against seemingly insurmountable odds. It has become an excuse for Americans to drink a … Continue reading

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The Best and the Worst

As we enter a shiny New Year, let us not forget the charms of the one that’s passing. 2010 was a memorable year. Economic depression, massive job losses, riots around the world, scandals, disasters, epic crimes and conspiracies. To top … Continue reading

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Two Hundred and Counting

Today, 538 Refugees posted its 200th article. It’s remarkable to see how much five people with busy lives can write. And we have more in store as we approach the new year. Here are some previews of coming articles: Sarah … Continue reading

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U.N. Takeover Plot Thickens

This is another article in the series on conspiracy theories. Colorado’s recent gubernatorial race was entertaining on many levels, but a particularly hilarious component was the Great United Nations Takeover Bike Plot. This dire conspiracy theory was first outlined to … Continue reading

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Still Miller Time???

(Ed. note: Alaska has  since decided to ring the last call bell on Miller Time and has certified Lisa Murkowski as their Senator – Mr.Universe) It’s hard to believe, but even after: The tallied votes show Lisa Murkowski ahead of … Continue reading

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Living Libertarian

Christopher Beam has written what I believe to be a wonderful article for New York Magazine. There are (at least) two great things about this article: He develops a sophisticated taxonomy of the libertarian movement in the United States; He … Continue reading

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The McConnell Gambit: Epic Fail

America Held Hostage: Day 701 Whether or not you watch Rachel Maddow‘s Show on MSNBC, her explanation of how the Republicans broke the Senate with excessive abuse of the filibuster is highly recommended. The term filibuster is of European origin … Continue reading

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Hot Fudge Sunday December 26

According to the AP, here is the lineup for this week’s Sunday news shows: This Week (ABC) — Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Chiarelli. Face the Nation (CBS) — Year-in-review discussion with Washington correspondents. Meet the Press (NBC) … Continue reading

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