Lame Duck à l’Orange

Duck and Covered with Oranges

Now that the lame duck session has ended and the 111th Congress has adjourned, let’s take time to discuss what we liked—and didn’t like—in the legislative calendar for items considered between November 3, 2010 and today.

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12 Responses to Lame Duck à l’Orange

  1. Bart DePalma says:

    No one’s taxes went up and the Dems failed to set the budget next year. Everything else is fluff.

  2. shortchain says:

    Hey, if you can’t beat them, and you refuse to join them, at least you can pretend that what they did wasn’t important, eh, Bart?

    DADT is a pretty big deal. It signals the continuing of a landslide on acceptance of gays into society. The difference between a tsunami and a landslide, of course, is that, in a landslide, the dirt doesn’t retreat back up the hill.

    The START treaty is only important in that it broke the monolithic behavior of the GOP Senate caucus. We can thank the teapers for driving a wedge between the GOP and Murkowski, et al. Now that they understand that they can’t depend on the national party, they’ll have to actually represent all their constituents.

    Until the GOP figures out how to get around the anti-earmark frenzy, they are going to have trouble. They have historically “bought” their re-elections by bringing home the pork to their pals in the business community. Without that, they’re going to be at the mercy of the fickle GOP base, which is notably susceptible to voting on the basis of very little information. Perhaps some vote they made for strategic purposes gets picked up by some news organization, amplified through talk radio, and … they’ll be out on their ear. We’ve been hearing this threat constantly, about how they’ll have to “toe the line” or suffer the consequences. They’re likely wondering, as I am, just who, of the hundreds of teaper groups, draws the “line”.

    The START vote indicates that Mitch McConnell is going to have a lot of trouble keeping his caucus together. He and Reid will probably both end up in the same chapter of AA by the next election.

    The vote on taxes was easy. Everybody likes to cut taxes. Now, though, they’ve kicked the can down the road, and somebody is going to have to pay for these gifts. That task will now fall to the spectacularly incoherent, philosophically incomprehensible, and generally not very bright GOP caucus in the House. Either they manage to come up with a budget that falls flat on its face with the public or they simply fail to come up with one and shut down government.

    I’m guessing the latter.

    I suspect that the 112th Congress is going to make the 111th look like a model of effectiveness.

  3. Bart DePalma says:

    The START vote indicates that Mitch McConnell is going to have a lot of trouble keeping his caucus together.

    Like he did on taxes and spending with only 42 votes?

    The math is far more favorable next year. McConnell only needs 41 of his now 47 votes. That means he can replace the Maine ladies and Brown and the occasional other senator that needs to bail and replace them with Tea Party members.

  4. filistro says:

    LOL Bart… keep saying it and it might be true. There is no wounded elephant crashing around in the underbrush. No bellows of pain echoing through the night. Just ignore those big sticky pools of elephant blood on the ground… nothing happened here.


    What I find particularly enjoyable is that all the GOP wounds were self-inflicted. They could so easily have handled all this differently, achieved the same result and come out of it looking statesmanlike and serious. Best of all, though.. they are weakened by taking positions they were goaded into by the Tea Party.

    It appears nobody in the whole country is afraid of the Tea Party anymore except for the congressional Republicans…. and their fear of this silly bunch makes them behave in ridiculous and irrational ways.

    Meanwhile, Obama’s approval hits 50% at Rasmussen, 56% at CNN/OP RES. Up till now, his first term had been closely tracking Reagan’s… but Ronnie’s approval dropped off sharply after the midterms, and bottomed out at 35% in early January. (And do we all remeber what happened in the general election two years later?) 🙂 🙂

    As I said… politics is going to be fun again, and the next two years will be delicious. Thanks for everything, Teapers. You’re worth your weight in Orange Pekoe.

  5. Just Sayin' says:

    Good news on the economic front with consumer spending up, business spending up, and housing up. I hate to jinx the mood, but I’ll put my toes in the water and celebrate Fili’s “Good news for America” or whatever she said at the old Nate Silver site.

  6. mostlyilurk says:

    So civil rights (repeal of DADT) and national security (START, 9/11 responders bill) are “fluff” – good to know the teaparty’s position on these. Thanks, Bart.

  7. shiloh says:

    Bartles again, mcconnell is minority leader and has no power whatsoever as the Start Treaty/DADT passage indicates. And indeed, one is quite familiar w/fluff as everything you post is nothing but …

    And if everything is fluff, why the f*ck are you here posting er hyperventilating 24/7 ie ad nauseam redundancy!

    btw, Obama is still president and Reagan is still dead!


  8. Bart DePalma says:


    The reprehensible 111th Congress is going to be the most progressive/socialist you are likely to see in your lifetime. All the stars aligned – complete Dem control and majorities willing to tell their constituents to fuck themselves and commit electoral suicide. Savor it because Obama/Reid will get nothing through unless they agree to what the new and far more conservative GOP House majority and GOP senate filibuster want.

    This Congress will be about making the Dems defend what the voters rejected in 2010 and then defunding the 111th’s “accomplishments.” The GOP does not have to enact anything. The simply have to decline to fund what the voters oppose.

  9. Max aka Birdpilot says:

    And today’s Gallup daily tracking poll has Obama’s Job approval @ 49-45. Highest approval numbers since 1 June.

    This date in 1982, St Ronnie of Santa Barbara was at 41%.

  10. dcpetterson says:

    111th Congress is going to be the most progressive/socialist you are likely to see in your lifetime.

    Gods, I hope not. With any luck the Republican bastards will get thrown out in ’12 after they spend the next two years refusing to fund the things We the People elected the 111th Congress to enact. When they shut down the government, we’ll see how well that goes over. It’s time for the arrogant totalitarian fascist elites of the Regressive Party to get thrown out on their butts.

  11. Mr. Universe says:

    Bart’s level of cognitive dissonance borders upon the evangelic. Wonder if he has a Mitch McConnell shrine in his house?

  12. shiloh says:

    Bartles ~ The reprehensible 111th Congress

    hmm, should I add the above (((whining))) to …

    “Our Republic Has Stumbled, But Has Not Yet Fallen”

    My descriptive phrases do not begin to do justice to the damage these policies are doing to the country.

    April 23, 2010 10:46 AM

    I wonder whether I live in America anymore when the government imposes its will in opposition to the people. That is what ruling classes do, not representatives of the people.

    May 2, 2010 4:21 PM

    Again Bart, feel free to stop moaning/groaning/muttering incoherently at any time.

    Cry me a river !!!

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