Still Miller Time???

Sarah and JoeJoe

(Ed. note: Alaska has  since decided to ring the last call bell on Miller Time and has certified Lisa Murkowski as their Senator – Mr.Universe)

It’s hard to believe, but even after:

  • The tallied votes show Lisa Murkowski ahead of Joe Miller by 10,328 votes,
  • Throwing out all 8,159 contested Murkowski votes, she still leads by 2,169,
  • The Alaska Supreme Court found against Miller’s claim that the contested votes should not count, and
  • The Alaska Division of Elections has announced that they will certify Lisa Murkowski as the winner of November’s election…

Miller hasn’t given up. He intends to appeal in federal court. The grounds of his claim have yet to be disclosed.

I know I mentioned this before, but why is it that it seems to be only conservatives who want to go against the will of the people in elections?

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3 Responses to Still Miller Time???

  1. shiloh says:

    Miller’s a whiner, much like palin and Bartles …

    Waaaahhhh! :::sniffle:::: Waaaahhhh!

  2. shiloh says:

    Let the record show Bart agrees he’s a whiner …

    as the truth shall set you free!

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