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Living Libertarian

Christopher Beam has written what I believe to be a wonderful article for New York Magazine. There are (at least) two great things about this article: He develops a sophisticated taxonomy of the libertarian movement in the United States; He … Continue reading

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The McConnell Gambit: Epic Fail

America Held Hostage: Day 701 Whether or not you watch Rachel Maddow‘s Show on MSNBC, her explanation of how the Republicans broke the Senate with excessive abuse of the filibuster is highly recommended. The term filibuster is of European origin … Continue reading

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Hot Fudge Sunday December 26

According to the AP, here is the lineup for this week’s Sunday news shows: This Week (ABC) — Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Chiarelli. Face the Nation (CBS) — Year-in-review discussion with Washington correspondents. Meet the Press (NBC) … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Jude Wanniski developed the Two Santa Claus Theory. Here’s an appropriate depiction, in the spirit of the day. (Yes, someone really does sell a blue Santa suit). Whether you’re a Blue Santa or a Red Santa, Merry Christmas and Happy … Continue reading

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Happy Pagan Holiday

This seems like an opportune moment to write about “The War on Christmas™” and to present a perspective from a non-Christian point of view. The War on Christmas has been an ongoing rebellion of Christian indignation at the overly political correctness … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday December 24 edition

’Twas the day before Christmas; all over the blog Many creatures were posting, like shortchain and GROG. The blog posts were queued on the server with care In hopes that the web traffic still would be there My laptop was … Continue reading

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Lame Duck à l’Orange

Now that the lame duck session has ended and the 111th Congress has adjourned, let’s take time to discuss what we liked—and didn’t like—in the legislative calendar for items considered between November 3, 2010 and today. Related Articles Where lame … Continue reading

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