The Economics of Blogging

Nate has an interesting article up on the “Economics of Blogging” using the sale of HuffPo as a springboard.

One interesting factoid I got from the article: 1,000 page views are worth about $6.25.

It’s a really good analysis of the problems with blogging, and reading it, you can see why almost all blogs are labors of love.

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Monotreme is an unabashedly liberal dog lover, writer, and former scientist who now teaches at a University in an almost-square state out West somewhere. |
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25 Responses to The Economics of Blogging

  1. And those numbers assume that the blog shows ads. We don’t, in part because we don’t have enough traffic to justify it.

    Who knows what the future may hold, but for now we are all merely volunteers.

  2. Mainer says:

    Yes and fine ones you all are. Much work to get some thing like this running and keep it going. Greatly appreciated.

  3. GROG says:

    Agreed Mainer.

    It looks like you all may have finally run Bart out of here after Free Forum Friday. He hasn’t commented since Friday morning and it looks those comments have been removed. I’m not sure that’s the best thing for increasing traffic around here.

    I have a feeling a lot of people visit to see what Bart or other conservative commenters are saying and then want to join the discussion.

    Maybe I’m wrong.

  4. Monotreme says:

    We would like to hear from you, and others with a similar viewpoint, GROG. The question is the best way to have those conservative voices heard.

  5. Mainer says:

    Hmmmm odd Grog. Personally I hadn’t noticed. Maybe he had a post that did punch some buttons. I’m not sure a Bart not being here is good or bad. Hell for all I know he is still here. Nothing I have seen would indicate otherwise. I actually think his blather had at times weakened things that you, Mule man, parksie or Gator and Jeff back along were trying to put forth. It was obvious he had become a stuck record. I could be wrong but I think he was the only regular on here that I never saw take a correction admit an error or any thing else in common.

    Guess we shall see where the road leads or even if there is a road. Hey while we are working to up the counts here by tens of thousands so the managers can make their potential 6.50……..check out my last post on the Sarah thread dealing with CPAC straw poll. I would like to see a more conservative take on what Mono and I put up.

  6. Mainer says:

    Correction on my last the CPAC stuff mono and I put on was on the Bachmann thread.

    I also went back and checked the FFF thread and you are right Bart is not to be found but neither are you or Mule or Parksie or Gator.

    Ok all what did I miss while I was doing that semi retirement thing…….you know the part where you aren’t retired.

  7. GROG says:


    Your comments on the straw poll are hilarious. Brilliant. 🙂

    My thoughts on the poll are this: I don’t think any of those “candidates” have a chance of beating Obama in ’12 anyway, so I’d like to see someone like a Romney or a Paul or a Gingrich be the sacrificial lamb for the Republicans in 2012.

    The Reps should have their eye on 2016. The future of the party are Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, John Thune, Tim Pawlenty, Mitch Daniels and I love Herman Cain. I think any one of those would be a force in the 2016 election.

  8. Monotreme says:

    We’ve been experimenting with “micro-posts”, where we kick off discussion with a short post that’s not researched, edited or tightly written. For example, this is one of those.

    Would you (GROG and Mainer) like to see such a micro-post for the CPAC straw poll? I could put one up and might even be able to move comments over. (I’ve never tried that before.)

  9. GROG says:


  10. Gator says:


    Weekends are usually bacchanalian excursions on the road to my complete dissolution. Leaving me little desire or cranial resources for posting.

    Re: Bart. One of the reasons I stayed away after I lost my dog, was because (and Mr U and I emailed back and forth about this) every comment thread was the same. Bart would post (usually nonsense) and 6 or 7 libs would spend the entire thread ripping him apart. It became so prevalent and such a pattern that it was becoming a joke. And not conducive to promoting reasoned discussion.

    But ‘chasing’ Bart away is not the answer either. Balance in articles posted, balance in comment threads, those are what will make this a place for more reasoned discussions.

    I said early in the week that if some of the ‘liberals’ on here would take the old debate class challenge and support a position that you may not necessarily agree with, simply for the sake of balance, more ‘conservative’ posters might stick around. Unfortunately, if someone on here tries to support a ‘conservative’ position, it ends up with them debating virtually alone against 6-12 libs.

    OK, my head hurts. Time for hair-o-the-dog and a walk in the sun. I’ll be back, but probably not today. Have a lovely Sunday, all.

  11. Mainer says:

    Grog I’ll take a shot. I will be in and out all day but home. I think the CPAC poll would be fun to disect. Wish I could get hold of a couple I think was there.

    Gator… must pace themselves…..take me for example. A little Irish in the AM coffee is considered medicinal and even in the extreame the worse one ends up with is an alert drunk.

    Grog, I think you are right it could be none of the above……..I keep looking at Rubio but keep getting bad vibes, some thing isn’t what it seems and I have no clue what that might be. He is bright and energetic just can’t seem to figure out what my second sense is trying to tell me.

    Christie is going no where, maybe a VP slot but even that could fade his is a state just waiting to spin out of control and he has pissed off folks that can hurt a person.

    And who the bloody hell is Herman Cain? I can’t diss some one I have never heard of. He must have some claim to fame.

    Glad you liked my candidate run down. I think we could push that out quite a ways more if we wished. I would also wish to explore the Abe Lincoln/Hanibal Hamlin, Obama/Joe Biden possibilities. Now who knows their history, Hamlin was not the same man as one of our other Maine notables “Blaine, Blaine, James G. Blaine…..Continental liar from the state of Maine” but our official govonors residence is named after him. Hamllin took one for the team and is hardly a blip in history.

  12. Gator says:


    You assume that my damage has been solely alcohol induced. While ’tis true that I quaffed many frosty adult beverages, I also submersed myself in the warm waters of feminine pulchritude that broke upon my shore. Damn near drowned. So now, having walked the new puppy and having completed my daily ablutions, I shall go attempt to meliorate the pain in my head and the emptiness in my heart. Or the other way around. Or something.

  13. Monotreme says:

    New puppies are good. Nothing like puppy breath for that extra heart healing medicinal power.

  14. Gator says:

    Hey Treme

    Helps balance the scales. Doesn’t remove the sadness but it (he) provides a counterbalance. Ask Mr U to send you the pic.

  15. Max aka Birdpilot says:

    I disagree with Gator that :”‘liberals’ on here would take the old debate class challenge and support a position that you may not necessarily agree with, simply for the sake of balance”.

    It is not my/our place to make those arguments. Raised conservative and supporting through the Nixon years, the conservative side, I could do so relatively easily. But, again, why should I do the research and make original points? I do do that to some extent so as to be better able to counter when reasoned points ARE made. But passing the ammunition is NOT what I’m willing to do.

    How about, instead of putting up shop-worn talking points, conservatives posting and commenting here DO THEIR HOMEWORK and present reasoned arguments. Are you telling us there are NO intelligent and capable conservatives out there?

    When the Gators are playing Troy State, why don’t they send over a couple of their offensive and defensive 1’s to help out poor old Troy? A couple of lineman and the corner and RB?

    As you note, usually its the inane comment that gets kicked around so badly here.

    And see there, if you had your feet upon the path of righteousness and salvation, you wouldn’t be paying the price this morning! Although it DOES sound as if you had some RIGHTEOUS times last night! 😉

  16. Gator says:


    The cost is ever worth the prize, for half the value is in the search.

    When Troy has to play the Gators they don’t have to do so with 3 players on each side of the ball. At least numerically they are equal, regardless of the quality of players. And when potential con posters come on here, what they see is a disparate and unbalanced treatment in both postings and comments. Why do you not post at the Freeper site? Do they not need enlightenment? But you see the enormous disparity in thought and position and decide that it is pointless and stressful, so why bother. Do you not think that works both ways?

  17. Seriously? Did you not know that The Free Republic bans all non-ditto comments?

    Anyway, I try hard not to pile on when a conservative drops by. I want legitimate discussion. I expect anyone who comments to be able to back up the comments when challenged. But I don’t expect the same points to be challenged in the same way every time. It gets old.

  18. Gator says:


    Nope, I’ve never been there. Not my cup of tea, so to speak. Bad analogy then, but I hope you got my point. When it feels as if you are alone on a thread trying to argue and respond to six or seven people who are picking out specific points or statements to argue about, while the next guy (or girl) will be challenging a completely different point. And often these are things that have little or nothing to do with the point trying to be made. It’s frustrating and makes it very easy to say f*** it and leave.

  19. Gator,
    I get your point, but I don’t know what to do beyond what I’ve done. I tried to give Rob breathing room, but he lasted barely a day.

    Playing devil’s advocate is not only insincere, it doesn’t even help us get serious about the conversation. It’s just too obvious to the other side after a while.

  20. Gator says:


    Balance is tricky… but then so is civility and you guys have made huge strides on that. Put the brain trust to work and I bet ya’ll can figure it out. To use Max’s analogy, sometimes on here it can look (and feel) as if the referees are all Gator graduates, the game is at Ben Hill Griffin, and the Troy plane crashed and there were only three survivors. And you wonder why no one wants to come down out of the student cheering section and strap on a Troy helmet?

  21. shortchain says:

    Personally, I already have enough disagreements with people who take their positions seriously and honestly. I don’t need to argue with someone who is just faking it for the sake of an argument.

    If I want that sort of thing, I can always just go to the Monty Python archives.

  22. Monotreme says:

    I honestly don’t think there are any political blogs where opinions from all across the spectrum are tolerated, and people can have a (polite) volley-and-serve conversation about politics.

    I don’t like people shouting at each other (“Jane! You ignorant slut!”) and I don’t like hearing only one side of the argument. I like political dialogue and even debate, and I don’t see any reason why it can’t exist.

    In short, we’re trying to create something new here, and there are going to be growing pains. Please bear with us as we get the kinks worked out. We’re only a half-year old.

    Gator, I hope you and GROG and parksie555 and Mule Rider and many, many other conservative commentators will eventually come to feel this is a “safe place” where your opinions can be aired. I can’t speak for the other blog managers, but I’d even welcome being outnumbered 2 or 3 to one if I felt that was the balance needed for a vigorous discussion.

  23. Max aka Birdpilot says:


    Take the example of my position of the “reason” for the War Between the States being the preservation of the Union by the defeat of the Compact Theory vs Slavery. Not a popular opinion for most people.

    But I don’t just so state. And repeat. And repeat. Or use some, were there to be, talking points. I produce incontrovertible evidence in the form of citations from historical records (Corwin Amendment), Lincoln Inaugural Address, the Declaration of Immediate Causes, etc., to back my ‘unpopular’ point. I field the challenges as they come up. Other people interpreting that evidence differently is fine by me.

    Totally different from the usual conservative post, of lather, rinse, repeat.

  24. Mr. Universe says:

    There is a balance between ‘Reasonable Political Discourse’ and Tea Party Town Hall bullhorn shouting that does nothing but make this place uninviting. It becomes less about the message and more about the intentions of the messenger. I look forward to the day when we figure out what that balance is.

  25. mclever says:

    I would feel dishonest if I voiced an opinion totally contrary to my own views, but I will confess to occasionally playing Devil’s Advocate if I don’t have a particularly strong opinion on a subject, or even overstating my opinion for the sake of drawing some dissent. Though I’m more often with the majority on this particular site, I don’t mind arguing 1 on 6 once in a while, because I almost always learn something from the exchange.

    I value the intelligent conservatives on this site, because we need those alternate opinions to drive the discussion and stir the debate. People like parksie555 and Jeff (get well soon!) who offer strong arguments for their views, and who are willing to take fire from several directions at once can provide good examples and hopefully give other conservatives the courage to speak up.

    If we can get a little more balance, then we really will be someplace unique on the ‘net, because most blog/comment sites are very one-sided and many allow no dissent at all. I want reasonable discourse to work, but it takes effort on the part of all of us to foster an environment where opinions can be expressed, dissected, and examined without rancor.

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