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Introducing the FOK News Channel

So Keith Olbermann has resurfaced during his time in broadcast purgatory with a new website based on the Twitter hashtag of his ardent followers ‘Friends of Keith’. Click the banner to see it. You can catch him there until his … Continue reading

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And the Most Conservative State Goes To…

No surprise: Mississippi.¬†The most liberal identifying ‘state’ is the District of Columbia. A Gallup Poll is out ranking the states and DC’s political identification. Once again, it turns out that Americans are more likely to identify themselves as conservative rather … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday February 25 Edition

What a week. The Facebook rebellion continues in the Middle East as it now looks like Libyans are finally going to overthrow Moammar¬†el-Gadhafi. Could Iran be far behind? Here in America, the Wisconsin protests took a strange turn as Governor … Continue reading

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