Introducing the FOK News Channel

So Keith Olbermann has resurfaced during his time in broadcast purgatory with a new website based on the Twitter hashtag of his ardent followers ‘Friends of Keith’. Click the banner to see it.

You can catch him there until his return to the airwaves later this spring on Current TV.

His take on Wisconsin, Scott Walker, and the unions alone is worth the visit.


About Mr. Universe

Mr. Universe is a musician/songwriter and an ex-patriot of the south. He currently lives and teaches at a University in the Pacific Northwest. He is a long distance hiker who has hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. He is also an author and woodworker. An outspoken political voice, he takes a decidedly liberal stance in politics.
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12 Responses to Introducing the FOK News Channel

  1. Monotreme says:

    I found a link to this article inside the Keith Olbermann piece:

    Remind us of anyone?

  2. dcpetterson says:

    It’s good to have Keith back!

    Mono, thanks for underlining that piece. The dishonesty and dirty tricks continue, now with unlimited corporate funding. I begin to think George Orwell was an optimist.

  3. Mainer says:

    Hmmmmm kind of looks as though this is playing out just as I predicted. Not that any one remembers or cares but here it is. To go on the sites is to see the right wing losing their minds about some they say has no bearing. The link to internet stacking is interesting if alarming.

    Keith will be a consumate gadfly now. The right will try to blow it off, or try to keep it under water. We need to get used to this for with enough money one can control the message even while lamenting they are not being given a fair shake. We are down to no more progressive sites than one can count on one hand in this country.

  4. rgbact says:

    FOK off, Keith.

    If things go well, he may get more viewers than the Weather Channel. I’ve noticed Lawrence O’Donnell is doing his best to fill Keith’s big shoes when it comes to on-air insanity and bombast. At least Lawrence is somewhat intelligent.

  5. dcpetterson says:

    The meme about who has the most cable viewers is pretty meaningless. First, FOX counts all the millions of captive viewers in airports and doctors’ waiting rooms. But beyond that, power does not rest in sheer numbers alone.

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

    – Margaret Mead

    Hence, there are forums such as this blog.

  6. mclever says:


    A couple of eating establishments here air Fox News constantly on the TVs in the dining area. I have requested on several occasions if they would please change it to something neutral, such as ESPN or CSPAN or whatever. They refused, so I refuse to give them my business. I won’t sit there and have my meal ruined by Sean Hannity or Glen Beck.

    (These restaurants are national chains, but I don’t know at what level the decision is being made, so I don’t know if I should call out the national brands or not.)

    If they’re counting people like me as their viewers because we happened to go to a restaurant that won’t change the channel, then their numbers are quite misleading.

  7. dcpetterson says:


    Yes. FOX counts you, as a patron of that restaurant.

    Quite likely, the restaurant owner won’t change the channel, because I suspect they’re being paid to show FOX. It would be a tax-deductible advertising expense for them.

    So, on the public dime, they’re artificially inflating their viewer stats.

  8. mclever says:

    Tax deductible, too?

    OK, now my irritation just went up a notch. Grr. Maybe it’s time for me to write another calmly-considered letter to the manager of each restaurant and the president of each company explaining why my friends and I won’t go to their restaurants any more because the political talking-head shows give us indigestion.

    This county in Iowa votes 65-70% Democratic. I can’t imagine that constantly airing Fox News is good for their business, unless they want a fast turnover at all the tables!

  9. Number Seven says:

    Thanks for posting the link to Keith’s Blog.

  10. mclever says:

    Point scored for consumer activism. I just received a response back from one of the managers of the local restaurants who were stuck on Fox News, and they will now have half of their TVs tuned to alternate programming (ESPN and CNN were mentioned) rather than forcing all of their customers to watch Fox. Oh, and I got a coupon for half-off my next meal.

  11. Monotreme says:


    Way to go. Score one for common sense.

  12. mclever says:

    Yeah, Iowans are usually pretty good at common sense. 🙂

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