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Do (Time) or Die

(Ed. note: We occasionally accept guest op-eds at 538 Refugees. This week we present an article from regular commenter mclever. — Mr. Universe) by Mac (mclever) I grew up in northern Illinois under the shadow of John Wayne Gacy. He was the real-life … Continue reading

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CPAC Straw Poll

CPAC Straw Poll results are out Ron Paul – 30% Mitt Romney – 23% Gary Johnson – 6% Chris Christie – 6% Newt Gingrich – 5% Tim Pawlenty – 4% Michele Bachmann – 4% Mitch Daniels – 4% Sarah Palin … Continue reading

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Hot Fudge Sunday February 13

Sundays bring us the political talk shows. If you see something interesting on one of them, jump on the comment board and talk about it. Unsurprisingly, Egypt dominates the shows this week. According to Politico, here is the lineup for … Continue reading

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The Economics of Blogging

Nate has an interesting article up on the “Economics of Blogging” using the sale of HuffPo as a springboard. One interesting factoid I got from the article: 1,000 page views are worth about $6.25. It’s a really good analysis of … Continue reading

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The Senate Seat Series

Since we’re covering the potential 2012 Presidential nominees in our Contender Series, we thought it would be useful to look at the 2012 landscape for the United States Senate. Of the 33 Seats up for election in next year, two-thirds … Continue reading

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In This Corner…Michele Bachmann

2012 Contender Series: Michele Bachmann (Updated January 4th: Ms. Bachmann officially withdrew from the residential race after a poor showing in the Iowa Caucus. It is expected that she will run for re-election in Minnesota once the redistricting is settled) … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday February 11 Edition

This week has been filled with politicians announcing upcoming retirements: Webb, Kyl, and Lee. But not, apparently, Mubarak. And certainly not the national debt. But Fridays belong to you. Type now, or forever hold your keys. Free Forum Fridays are … Continue reading

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Help the Kyl-less

Over at the original 538 blog, Nate Silver has just posted up an article on the contenders for the seat now held by Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ). Sen. Kyl announced his decision to not seek re-election today. Read Nate’s article, … Continue reading

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The Unkindest Cut

Note: filistro is on vacation. This article was previously written. Q: What’s even worse than being subjected to the pain and indignity of a vasectomy? A: Enduring the pain and indignity of a vasectomy, having it fail, and getting your … Continue reading

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In This Corner…Haley Barbour

2012 Contender Series: Haley Barbour (Editor’s Note: Haley Barbour officially dropped from contention on April 26th, 2011) Haley Reeves Barbour is currently serving as the Governor of Mississippi. He is also serving as the Chairman of the Republican Governors Association. … Continue reading

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