Hot Fudge Sunday March 13

Sundays bring us the political talk shows. If you see something interesting on one of them, jump on the comment board and talk about it. This week’s main topics are the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and the continued threat of a federal government shutdown resulting from an impasse over the budget. According to Politico, here is the lineup for this week’s shows:

Meet the Press (NBC) — Likely Presidential candidate Mitch Daniels, currently Indiana’s Governor, will be interviewed. David Gregory is on vacation, so NBC’s political director and chief White House correspondent, Chuck Todd, will interview Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) about the possible upcoming government shutdown.

This Week (ABC) — Christiane Amanpour hosts from Japan, and will cover the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Face the Nation (CBS) — Japan and Libya take center stage with Senators Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

State of the Union (CNN) — Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL), Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-AZ) and House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), representing three of the four Congressional whips, are likely to talk about the budget and possible government shutdown.

Fox News Sunday — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sens. Mark Warner (D-VA) and Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), members of the Gang of Six.

Political Capital (Bloomberg TV) — Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, also likely to talk budget and government shutdown.

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19 Responses to Hot Fudge Sunday March 13

  1. filistro says:

    So where is everybody this Sunday? Are all of you grouchy and sleep-deprived? Do you hate Daylight Saving Time?

    Conservatives all hate it, apparently. Even the smart, hip commentators over at NRO think it’s some kind of sinister pinko liberal commie plot…. but then we all know conservatives are crazy, right? 😉

    I spend my summers in a very conservative part of Canada, and hear lots of Canadian govt. hate whenever the liberals are in power. I vivdly recall the early days of DST when furious conservatives would call in to radio talk shows and complain bitterly about DST.

    “It’s just AWFUL!” one woman yelled. “Here we are in the middle of a drought, gardens are drying out, lawns are burning up, there’s no grass for the cattle to eat…and now the damn government wants to give us an extra hour of sunlight!”


  2. mclever says:


    I don’t watch the Sunday shows, so I need someone else to describe what they saw or heard before I have any opinions of my own to offer about what was said.

    I do like this weekly Sunday thread, however. And I definitely appreciate Michael’s diligent summary of who appeared on which show. Even if I don’t watch, it’s interesting to know who is making the chat show rounds and what the general topics are. Every once in a while, I’ll see something up there that prompts me to go do some reading about it.

    So, did Chuck or Mitch have anything interesting to say on MTP?

    What about the Whips on CNN?

    I’d rather not know what Lieberman said, because he’ll probably just make me angry. (Though, if you want to incite some discussion here, getting emotions riled up is one way to do that.)

    What about the government shutdown possibilities? Are we in for another two-week extension? Are Republicans willing to concede on any of the petty cuts in order to make the more meaningful cuts that Democrats have already conceded?

  3. Mr. Universe says:

    Chuck Todd totally deserves to moderate Meet the Press

  4. mostlyilurk says:

    “Chuck Todd totally deserves to moderate Meet the Press.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

  5. filistro says:

    Some images from Australian Broadcasting, showing the utter devastation in Japan.

    Toggle across the “before” image to show the same area after the tsunami.

  6. mclever says:

    Oh, and P.S. to all the nerds out there…

    Happy Pi Day!!!


    (Yes, I waited until 1:59:26 local time to post. I debated waiting until 15:92, but that would have been absurd.)

  7. mclever says:


    Bakeries know how to get math geeks in the door:


    OK, I lose it after the double-threes…

  8. filistro says:

    @mac… I debated waiting until 15:92, but that would have been absurd.)


    Pi day is (and in fact always has been) my birthday. I’m sure that explains something… 🙂

  9. mclever says:

    Happy Birthday, filistro!!!

    I’d have baked you a birthday Pi if I’d known!!

  10. filistro says:


    Thanks. I like pi.. 🙂

  11. True story:
    I once got a pie, and the box said it weighed “about 3 lb.” Took it home, put it on the digital scale in the kitchen, and it weighed exactly 3.14 pounds (which was the maximum precison of the scale).

  12. mclever says:


    I wanna know, how much did you pay off the selection committee??

    “Florida tops the list, and probably has one of the luckiest draws in the history of the tournament: a combination of weak opponents, favorable geography and overseeding.”

  13. Gator says:

    ‘Tis good to be King… and even better to be me!

    “We are the boys of old Florida…” Chomp, chomp!

  14. msgkings says:

    Did you see Nate’s bracket?:

    All chalk. I mean, ALL. Like, he has every higher seed winning their game after the first round. In the first round he has 3 9s beating 8s (big whoop), 2 10s beating 7s, and an 11 beating a 6. Every other game, Nate says, just pick the higher seed.

    Nice insight there, Nate.

  15. msgkings says:

    Correction, he has Purdue (a 3) beating Notre Dame (a 2) in the 3rd round.

  16. mclever says:


    Yes, I saw it. Nothing bold about picking all of the #1 seeds to advance…

    I wonder if strictly picking the higher seed in every game would do better or worse than Nate?

  17. msgkings says:

    The all ‘chalk’ bracket is considered the torunament committee’s bracket, since they decided the seeding so if the higher seeds win every game that’s them being geniuses.

    Depending on the year all chalk rarely does you any favors.

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