Did Obama React to Libya Appropriately?


Why or why not? Discuss.

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Mr. Universe is a musician/songwriter and an ex-patriot of the south. He currently lives and teaches at a University in the Pacific Northwest. He is a long distance hiker who has hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. He is also an author and woodworker. An outspoken political voice, he takes a decidedly liberal stance in politics.
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12 Responses to Did Obama React to Libya Appropriately?

  1. Mainer says:

    Given that what ever he and we have done would have been slammed by some on both sides and have been I’m thinking that to this point things are about as good as could be expected. Quadaffi wasn’t going to be scared out of the game by most normal reactions nor those around him most likely to lose it all if he goes down or takes a powder. Those that would still like to believe this is going to devolve into a protracted civil war seem to be doing so more from an American domestic political calculation than a rational look at the situation in Libya.

    Getting a desired result with the least cost and exposure to us isn’t easy. The Libyan rebels do not want us there but appreciate the air assistance. Now if we can find a way for arms and ammunition to find its way over the border from say Egypt to help them so much the better. From what I can find the oil industry infrastructure seems to be relitively still intact (yes some damage but from reports out of oil circles not catastrophic).

    It would most likely be a safe bet that just as soon as the rebels show any signs of holding and controling the East that oil patch types are going to be back and oil will be flowing and the new interim governance will have the were with all to start rebuilding. Some one needs to figure out an exit plan for Daffy and his inner circle. From what I can find on sites it seems that the people of Libya might like to see him pay for his actions but would very pragmatically settle for them just to be gone to any where that would take him. Odd that Uganda has offered. Remember how Idi Amin spent his final years in Saudi Arabia?

  2. Monotreme says:

    Fukushima needs a project manager. He’s just the guy for the job.

  3. filistro says:

    As I visit the noisy right-wing sites, one big question remains at the forefront of my mind.

    How can the same people who supported and defended the Iraq war for ten years, possibly be opposed to this little military operation?

    Really.. HOW? On what grounds?

    Shouldn’t their unwavering support of that war automatically disqualify them forever from any criticism of whatever Obama undertakes in the Middle East?

  4. mclever says:


    If Obama did it, then it must be wrong, even if they haven’t quite figured out how yet.

    From where I sit, it looks to me like Obama is handling things in the Middle East about as well as anyone could expect. Just the sort of measured, rational decisions that voters like me elected him to make.

  5. dcpetterson says:

    This is way off topic, but you guys all have to read this. Apparently Eric Cantor thinks the Republicans in the House can simply declare a law to be a law, even if the President has not signed it, and even if Senate has voted it down. I think he needs to read the Constitution.

  6. TakingAmes says:

    DC, I’ve been saying for years that certain Republicans simply should not be taken seriously. They have no interest in actually doing the hard work of governing. And being treated by the mainstream media as if they have a reasonable opinion does this country no favors.

  7. mostlyilurk says:

    “This is way off topic, but you guys all have to read this. Apparently Eric Cantor thinks the Republicans in the House can simply declare a law to be a law, even if the President has not signed it, and even if Senate has voted it down. I think he needs to read the Constitution.”

    Somebody forgot to watch Schoolhouse Rock, lol!

  8. TMS says:

    It’s not the war that’s the problem. It’s how Obama’s letting other countries call the shots, but we’re on the hook to pay for the expensive stuff. So we get the bill, and the blame if it doesn’t work, but none of the benefits or credit if it does work. It’s a bad deal all around.

  9. Cantor isn’t doing anything wrong there. The text of HR1 is to be part of that bill. So it’s just being resubmitted. And the Senate will reject it again.

    It’s posturing, but there’s no confusion about the need for the new bill to pass both houses and be signed by the President.

  10. GROG says:

    That HuffPo article is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read.

    “The legislation basically says that if the Senate doesn’t pass a satisfactory budget act before April 6, HR 1 would automatically become a law.”

    No. The legislation does not say that.

    The legislation is an attempt to get Democrats to do something. Instead of them and Howard Dean rooting for a shutdown , it’s an attempt to get the Democrats to either pass a bill and send it to the House, or continue to do nothing.

  11. TMS says:

    @Grog, the legislation does say what the article says it does. I read it myself just to e sure. But you’re right about the point of it. It’s to reinforce that Democrats are to blame if the shutdown happens.

  12. dcpetterson says:

    Oh yes, since the Republicans refuse to negotiate, the Democrats are to blame. I get it. Democrats should know by now the Republicans have no sense of responsibility, and want to merely dictate their social agenda, rather than actually govern. I mean really, haven’t the Democrats learned anything?

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