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Free Forum Friday March 25 Edition

Pawlenty to talk about this week. Japan shows us a window into the questionable wisdom of nuclear energy, particularly in areas that cannot realistically be evacuated. The Wisconsin fiasco spreads to other states while the political blowback on Republicans in … Continue reading

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Saving Baby Joseph

 Joseph Maraachli, born January 22, 2010, suffers from the Classic Infantile form of Sandhoff disease. The thirteen-month-old has been in a vegetative state since last fall, has minimal brain function, and will inevitably die sometime within the next two … Continue reading

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In This Corner…Tim Pawlenty

2012 Contender Series: Tim Pawlenty (Ed. note: Pawlenty officially withdrew from the Republican Presidential race on Sunday, August 14th after a poor showing in the Iowa Straw Poll) This issue of the Contender series will be a little different from … Continue reading

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Senate Seat Series—The Safe Seats

In this series we examine the potential change in the Senate makeup of the United States Congress. The Senate is the final arbiter of debate over public policy. Bills will have already gone through Committees and the House of Representatives … Continue reading

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Method to the Ridiculousness

Ah-ha! The Pentagon actually has a set of criteria for coming up with silly names for military operations. For the current ‘Operation Odyssey Dawn’ (Which some have observed sounds like a pole dancer from an Atlanta strip club), the criteria … Continue reading

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A Matter of Style

I’m speaking of the president’s style, which seems to be getting a lot of unwelcome attention lately. And I’m not referring to his personal style, which is generally impeccable. I can’t remember when America has had such a graceful and … Continue reading

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Hot Fudge Sunday March 20

Sundays bring us the political talk shows. If you see something interesting on one of them, jump on the comment board and talk about it. Due to the nuclear crisis in Japan, this week is “Energy Secretary Steven Chu week”; … Continue reading

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“Operation Odyssey Dawn” Begins

Seriously, whoever thinks up the tragically unhip names for these things needs to be sent into the theatre as the first line of offense. Obviously this is the biggest news of the day, so we might as well unpack it and … Continue reading

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Prohibiting Poultry Paparazzi

On Saturdays we like to put up a selection of micro-posts featuring interesting news items that might have been overlooked during the past week. One such nugget caught my attention. The story is actually getting a lot more attention in … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday March 18 Edition

Yet another tumultuous week. Radiation scares in Japan, leading to significant market sell-offs. Gadhafi appears ready to finish off the revolt in his country, just in time for a UN vote on a no-fly zone. Meanwhile, in Yemen and Bahrain, … Continue reading

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