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Who Will Be the Republican Presidential Nominee?

I know we haven’t covered all the potential contenders in the Contender Series yet but I thought this would be a fun weekend thing to do. So who do you think will go up against President Obama in 2012? Jump … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday April 29 Edition

This week was filled with a lot of media hype. Donald Trump stirred up things with allegations of President Obama’s legal status as President. President Obama calls his bluff by petitioning Hawaii to release his official birth certificate. On a … Continue reading

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Yassuh, Boss. Whatevuh You Sez.

Pretty offensive title, eh? The accompanying photo is also illustrative of just how short of time ago it was when we regarded African Americans as second rate citizens. Al Jolson, a white musician, made a living portraying African Americans (called … Continue reading

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White House Releases Long Form of Obama Birth Certificate

Apparently the timing of my previous article on Donald Trump was perfect because this happened this morning. Here is the Huffington Post article and video response from President Obama. President Obama personally requested the document from the state of Hawai’i … Continue reading

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In This Corner…Donald Trump

2012 Contender Series – Donald John Trump (Updated, May 16, 2011. To no one’s surprise, Trump has bowed out of consideration for the Republican Presidential candidacy after NBC renewed ‘The Apprentice’. Many speculated that his interest was merely a publicity … Continue reading

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The Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget; The People’s Choice

Ever since the Republicans came into power in the House of Representatives in November of 2010 they’ve engaged in a lot of blustery posturing over social issues instead of addressing the thing that concerns most Americans; jobs. Instead of addressing … Continue reading

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Endangered Elephants

In every election cycle a point arrives when political strategists begin to perceive the shape of things to come. At first it’s just a will-o-the-wisp, a distant rumble, a scent on the wind. Gradually it begins to take on form … Continue reading

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Outrage at Republican Town Halls: Where’s the Media Now?

Paul Ryan‘s (fake) budget plan is receiving a great deal of criticism and not just from liberal Democrats. Ryan himself was booed at his own town hall by his own constituents. Nobody is buying dismantling Medicare to give tax cuts … Continue reading

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Channeling Your Inner Political Nerd

Sabato’s Crystal Ball has put out it’s first 2012 electoral speculation map. And while it’s really too early to make any legitimate forecast for 2012; particularly since there is no declared Republican candidate, it’s still fun to play around with … Continue reading

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Falling Apples

Sir Isaac Newton, 1667: “The apple falls from the tree!” (Discovering gravitational mechanics.) Political observer, 2010: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!” (Discovering Rand Paul, son-of-Ron.) And now, in 2011, we spot yet another Paul-apple nestled up there … Continue reading

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