Saturday Quiz

This one is kind of fun. You can zip through it in just a few minutes and it allows an option at the end of each question to indicate your intensity of feeling on the issue, which can significantly alter your score. (Mine skewed quite a lot further to the left than I usually do… 87% Democratic… maybe because I tend to feel strongly about lots of things.) Also, you can click on “stats” and “world view” at the top of the page and see graphics showing how other people scored both in the US and around the world, on the entire test, on individual questions, and broken down by issues. Very cool stuff.

So take the test, record your score, and then log on and tell us how you did. This is great time for all you lurkers to introduce yourselves and let us know where you fall on the political spectrum. We’d love to meet you and we welcome all hues here, from midnight blue to fire-engine red, and all the lovely shades of purple in between.

So…grab your mouse and take the quiz!

About filistro

Filistro is a Canadian writer and prairie dog who maintains burrows on both sides of the 49th parallel. Like all prairie dogs, she is keenly interested in politics and language. (Prairie dogs have been known to build organized towns the size of Maryland, and are the only furry mammal with a documented language.)
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14 Responses to Saturday Quiz

  1. Max aka Birdpilot says:

    80% Dem

    I was surprised as well, fili seeing that I voted Dem for Prez only twice in the past 30 years!

  2. rgbact says:

    So I’m socially liberal, but anti gay marriage and anti-abortion? Ok then.

    75% GOP overall.

  3. Monotreme says:

    85% Democratic, and apparently Socialist. Here is was I thought (like the Founding Fathers) I believe in a commonweal. I guess “commonwealitarian” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  4. shortchain says:


    I came up Democrat (no surprise there) libertarian (no surprise there) and … socialist, too. I bet DC will come up as a democrat, libertarian socialist as well.

    And here I thought libertarian and socialist were kinda disjoint…and I’ve never really believed we should nationalize the oil companies or banks, and have the gravest reservations about the federal reserve…and, to boot, have been in several start-ups, working for stock.

    I’m thinking this quiz might have a bit of a problem with false positives, but whatever, comrade, let us march together in the Mayday parades. I’ll carry the sickle, as befits my farmer heritage.

  5. Monotreme says:

    My mother is a RWNJ. My grandparents, her parents, were also quite conservative as only West Texans can be.

    Her uncle was named Debs. Apparently, my great-grandparents were Taylor County Socialists. I did not know that such existed, but the early 20th century was a time that I think resembled our own in many ways, with “malefactors of great wealth.”

    Debs was (according to my mother) a “confirmed bachelor”. I was well into my 20s before I put together these two facts, since I never met Uncle Debs: he was a socialist (or at least his parents were); and he was gay.

    The world is indeed a complicated place.

  6. dcpetterson says:

    Democrat (95%), liberal, socialist. Big shock 🙂

  7. WA7th says:

    I scored a 100! :p

    Mom would have been so proud, but I had to report her to the authorities who took her in for re-training.

  8. filistro says:

    @rgb… So I’m socially liberal, but anti gay marriage and anti-abortion? Ok then.

    Oh come on, you must be a teeny bit liberal… because you hang out with us, and deep down in your little black heart, you actually LIKE us a bit.

    Just like my buddy GROG, who has 90% tiger blood, but 10% pure honey. 😉

  9. JC2 says:

    87% Democrat and fiscal socialist here.

    What else can one expect of southern New England? Oddly, although I was born in MA, lived in AK, IN, KY, NJ and now back in MA, the only place I ever felt political friction w/friends or co-workers was doing undergrad studies at IU-PU.

    My father was a dyed-in-the-wool Teamster and decorated WWII Vet. Grandpa served in the US Navy Construction Battalion (SeaBees) in both WWI and WWII. My brother served with the USAF in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos and is also decorated.

    A Vietnam era veteran myself, I felt deeply shamed when Bush 43 invaded Iraq but hoped he would, against obviously high odds, be proven correct on WMD or something that would redeem his actions. Now, nearly ten years later, although I am firmly support our troops I can find no reason to feel good about our role and/or history in that debacle.

    I am troubled by the direction our country has been going since the election of ’72 (don’t blame me, I’m from MA).


  10. filistro says:

    JC.. welcome, and thanks for introducing yourself.

    It seems to me the smartest and most sensible political folks often seem to come from either New England or Minnesota. I’m not sure why that is.

    Well… for NE it’s obviously the proximity to Canada :-)… and maybe for Minnesotans it’s those long cold winters, which breed toughness and give people time to reflect and weigh the issues.

  11. Max aka Birdpilot says:

    . . . and give people time to reflect and weigh the issues.

    Just the opposite of hot-blooded and hot-headed Southerners!

    “Shoot first, THEN tell ’em to halt”

  12. dcpetterson says:

    Go listen to Garrison Keillor… really. He explains Minnesota perfectly.

  13. MoldyMe says:

    92% D, socially liberal, economically socialist — what, just because I think the govt would do well to emulate FDR and commit to some public works projects?

    WA 7th, and what else would you expect to score but 100%? With you (and me) being proudly represented by Baghdad Jim? Guess he does a good job representing both of us.

  14. 10kzebra says:

    I’m with MoldyMe… just because I want a public works program doesn’t mean I’m a socialist… Came out 77Dem, Liberal, Socialist.

    If they mean social like Canada or Finland, then I guess so. But if they mean down with The Man, then that ain’t me. Of course I’m in Seattle, so I must be a total pinko (even though we still elect plenty of republicans, including Dave Reichert, who reps the district about 3 miles from my house.

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