Osama bin Laden Killed in Pakistan

Osama bin Laden

Moments ago, President Obama announced to the nation that a military operation had located and killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan; an affluent suburb of Islamabad. The President approved the mission on April 29th after several months of monitoring an al-Qaeda courier led intelligence officials to believe bin Laden was staying in this well fortified household. bin Laden was 54.

Sources say Saudi Arabia was unwilling to repatriate bin Laden’s body and that his body was handled in accordance with Muslim traditions. He has been buried at sea.

At eight years to the day of President Bush’s now infamous ‘mission accomplished’ moment, perhaps we can now say those words with more certainty.

A large celebratory crowd has gathered around the White House this Sunday night with spontaneous chants of USA and strains of the Star Spangled Banner can be periodically heard.

This does bring up some interesting points. For example; will there be any backlash from al Qaeda? Will the President’s plans for Afghanistan be altered as a result? What kind of effect will this have on the President’s approval rating? Nate has already put out a post with his take on that topic.

The New York Daily news points out that May 1st is the day Hitler was confirmed killed. Seems as good a day as any for our current national V-E Day. In other ironies, after a night of fending off birther accusations inflamed by Donald Trump at the Corespondents’ dinner, the White House and the media interrupt ‘The Apprentice’ with the news of Osama bin Laden.

This story is being continuously updated.

Yes, Bin Laden’s Death Will Help Obama, but for How Long? (fivethirtyeight@NYT)

Osama bin Laden’s body buried at sea (CBS News)

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8 Responses to Osama bin Laden Killed in Pakistan

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  4. Peter German says:

    Anyone else notice that the headline before this story reads “Seth Meyers and President Obama Kill at the WHCA Dinner”? My first reaction was “So Seth Meyers was in on the planning of the raid, too?”
    Sorry, it’s that kind of a morning…

  5. WA7th says:

    Yesterday a comment in Freeperland said “Tonight he looked Presidential.” I would directly translate that as “He looks American to me.” That’s a big deal.

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