Anatomy of a Crap Sandwich

Let’s not mince words. I have been agonizing over the results of the debt ceiling debate for several days.  One Congressman described it as a ‘Satan Sandwich’. I am now prepared to call it what it really is: a Satan Sandwich with a Side of Shit Sauce.

I have wanted to believe in what my President campaigned on. Hope. Change. Democracy. I thought our collective voices made a difference. Was I wrong? Is this a legitimate democracy? Or is it just an illusion? President Obama led me to believe that my voice made a difference. I campaigned hard for that in Nevada in 2008. I believed. I ‘drank the Kool-aid‘ as detractors would say [I have to raise objections with this metaphor. Comparisons to the admonitions of the madman Jim Jones are horrific regardless of political affiliation].

Lately I feel that the Republicans are driving the car despite the fact that there is a Democratic President, and a Democratic Senate. How can this minority be driving the conversation? How can a small portion of the Republican party (the Tea Party) have such an influence? Why do they matter? It’s as if we cannot focus on what matters most. It’s as if we are more concerned about the paint job on a car that doesn’t run. Why are we focusing on stuff that is irrelevant (unless you are a Republican)?

We managed to make a deal on the debt ceiling in the last couple of days. It was a hostage deal. Just like the budget deal a few months ago. The Republicans tried to make it an issue again by shortening the window for negotiation. President Obama wasn’t buying it. He knew that the Republicans would keep trying to hold America hostage.

We managed to extend the debt ceiling despite the efforts to crash the economy. Despite the premeditated efforts to cause this nation harm. We voted to pay our bills. The artificial crisis was averted. But we paid a heavy price for it.

Crap Sandwich:

Two slices of white bread

Thin layer of bullshit

Slice of lies

One healthy dose of self-aggrandizement

Serve with a chilled cup of crow.

Enjoy it while you can.

About Mr. Universe

Mr. Universe is a musician/songwriter and an ex-patriot of the south. He currently lives and teaches at a University in the Pacific Northwest. He is a long distance hiker who has hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. He is also an author and woodworker. An outspoken political voice, he takes a decidedly liberal stance in politics.
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1 Response to Anatomy of a Crap Sandwich

  1. Pete G says:

    There is a chance for Democrats to retake the initiative and save the economy. They need to offer a tax plan like that proposed at, which would cut taxes on the vast majority by thousands of dollars AND slash the deficit, AND SO kick-start the economy. How? Have the wealthy-investor class pay their fair share. The numbers work – see the website (with a sensible cut in military spending and adding efficiencies to medical care – of course those lobbies would levitate).

    Warren Buffett paid 11% total taxes including federal, state, local, and corporate taxes on his $8billion investment gain in a recent year. He agrees it’s unfair that his receptionist pays a tax rate twice as high. But it’s worse: If you include state and local taxes, a minimum-wage worker pays total tax rates more than 3-fold higher than Mr. Buffett’s.

    Let’s start by debunking the argument that we need to continue special favored tax rates for the wealthy investor class because they are the “job creators.” The following shows that this “trickle down” approach has failed, year after year, for 30 years.

    Starting under President Reagan in 1982: 1)The tax rates on high incomes, dividends and realized capital gains and dividends have dropped to about one-half of their prior levels. 2) This certainly put money in the hands of the “job creators” And how! Under these tax breaks, the fraction of the nation’s wealth held by the richest 2% increased from 28% to 55%, equaling the highest wealth disparity in our history. 3)Despite all that money in the hands of the so-called “job creators,” our the broadest measure of our economic strength, the GDP, has grown at a 30% LOWER rate during the 29 years since the tax breaks for wealthy investors started, compared to the 29 years before those breaks started (average annual inflation-adjusted GDP growth 1953-81 5.8%; 1981-2010 4.1%). Unemployment stands at greater than 9%.

    It seems like the more than half the nation’s wealth should be plenty for that richest 2% to create some jobs. How much more money do we, through our unfair tax code, need to give these so-called “job creators” before we realize they are simply pocketing it?

    We really need to scrap our byzantine tax code and start from scratch. See for a truly fair, economy-fixing, nation-saving tax reform proposal, that would slash the deficit and save middle-class households thousands of dollars each year.

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