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Gerrymander and the Art of Misrepresentation

Little did Elbridge Gerry, the Governor of Massachusetts in 1812, know that his name would be remembered with somewhat infamous regard as well as being linked with an amphibious newt. But that’s what happened when the Governor redrew the lines of the … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday…November 4th Edition

(Free Forum Fridays are an open discussion where commenters are invited to bring up topics that may not have been covered in the previous week. Got something on your mind? Throw your opinion out there.)   This week’s forum is … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Judicial Restraint

Ever since the birth of the nation, Presidents have long had the duty to appoint justices to the nation’s highest appellate court in the federal judiciary; the Supreme Court. These appointments are infrequent as the justice can serve for as … Continue reading

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A Perfectly Good Guitar

This was an interesting thing that happened today. I went downtown to check my mailbox at the Post Office. There before me was a pile of carnage that consisted of what remained of an old Ovation guitar. The sidewalk vendor selling jewelry … Continue reading

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