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Live Update: Washington Caucus

(Updated: Ron Paul got over half the votes in Skamania County with 52.5%. Mitt Romney came in second with 20.2% of the vote and Rick Santorum got 15.8% while Newt Gingrich  received 9.3%. Four voters voted for other people. There … Continue reading

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Red Right Returning…Washington Caucus

(Red Right Returning, a nautical mnemonic for the side of the buoy or marker on which to pilot a ship in order to stay in the channel, is a look back at the activity of the past week of the Republican candidates … Continue reading

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Know Thy Enemy: Andrew Breitbart

(Ed. note: Know Thy Enemy is an experimental series profiling particularly prominent political pundits and players. The title is a nod to Sun Tzu. We’ll try to profile more than just conservatives as our liberal bent is wont to do) … Continue reading

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