About 538 Refugees

[Editor’s note: 538 Refugees is no longer a functional site and its contents will be archived under a new location as of 2017]

Welcome to 538 Refugees. We are a loose conglomeration of commenters that developed a rapport over the course of the 2008 presidential election while participating in a political blog of a similar name started by statistician Nate Silver. The political website from which we hail has gone on to greater heights, and an affiliation with the New York Times. We did not want to lose the unmoderated forum of discussion we had at the previous website, so the result is the blog you are reading now. I should note that this blog has a decidedly liberal slant, though we welcome all perspectives here.

There are currently five regular contributors and usually a weekly guest contributor. We also welcome other refugees from the old Five Thirty Eight who wish to contribute or submit articles and opinions. If it fits within the standards of 538Refugees, we’ll probably publish it.

Current Refugee Contributors:

  • Mr. Universe: Editor in Chief    Mr_Universe@538Refugees.com
  • Michael Weiss
  • filistro
  • Monotreme
  • DC Petterson

We will continue to improve the site and grow with the changes. We hope to continue providing an interesting forum for political discourse and, conversely, a place to debate current political topics. Because, that’s one thing we like to do: discuss policy. We encourage you to join us.

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