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Filistro is a Canadian writer and prairie dog who maintains burrows on both sides of the 49th parallel. Like all prairie dogs, she is keenly interested in politics and language. (Prairie dogs have been known to build organized towns the size of Maryland, and are the only furry mammal with a documented language.)

Endangered Elephants

In every election cycle a point arrives when political strategists begin to perceive the shape of things to come. At first it’s just a will-o-the-wisp, a distant rumble, a scent on the wind. Gradually it begins to take on form … Continue reading

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Falling Apples

Sir Isaac Newton, 1667: “The apple falls from the tree!” (Discovering gravitational mechanics.) Political observer, 2010: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!” (Discovering Rand Paul, son-of-Ron.) And now, in 2011, we spot yet another Paul-apple nestled up there … Continue reading

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Banning The Burqa

In last Friday’s feedback discussion, some of our regular commenters expressed a wish for us to post more articles that ask questions instead of just giving opinions. (It seems we may have a tendency to be a bit didactic.) This is … Continue reading

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Saturday Is For Turkeys

In honor of the most beloved political video of all time and in appreciation of all our registered NRA members (whom we also love) I present one of my very favorite time wasters for your weekend diversion. There’s just something deeply satisfying … Continue reading

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The GOP’s Dangerous Sex Addiction

Republicans are addicted to sex. And when I say this I’m not referring to the likes of David Vitter, John Ensign, Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Newt Gingrich and Mark Sanford, among many others. At least those men have been honest … Continue reading

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El Problema de los Republicanos

About two years ago, during the non-stop silliness of the GOP reaction to Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination, Nate Silver published what he called a “thought experiment” in which he addressed whether Republicans could win the White House while continuing to lose … Continue reading

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Saturday Quiz

This one is kind of fun. You can zip through it in just a few minutes and it allows an option at the end of each question to indicate your intensity of feeling on the issue, which can significantly alter … Continue reading

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Our Soul Reponsibility

Libraries are wonderful places…but they’re a lousy deal for writers. When a library buys your book, you get one royalty. Then hundreds of people get to read your book for free, earning you no royalties at all. The Canadian government … Continue reading

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David Prosser and the Supremes

Tomorrow’s Election Day! Well, not everywhere, but tomorrow, April 5, in Wisconsin there’s an election being held that carries enough drama, excitement, tension and nationwide significance to gladden the heart of any political addict. Normally this would just be a … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz

Most of us have done this quiz before, but we have a lot of new folks here and I’d be interested to know where all of you fall within the four quadrants. It’s also an absorbing exercise to go through … Continue reading

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