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The American Jobs Bill; a Win Even if it Loses

President Obama is getting pretty good at playing dirty pool with the Republicans. The American Jobs bill not only uses the art of Frank LuntzSpeak, it actually is designed to create jobs. Two million of them according to the Congressional … Continue reading

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Hot Fudge Sunday June 5th

Sundays bring us the political talk shows. If you see something interesting on one of them, jump on the comment board and talk about it. According to Politico, here is the lineup for this week’s shows: Meet the Press (NBC) … Continue reading

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Take 2: Could Employing Tax Cuts Tax Employment?

Waaaaaay back in September I posted my first article at 538 Refugees. In it, I concluded that there was an inverse relationship between the top income tax rate and employment growth. Now that the President and Congress are discussing the … Continue reading

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What Are Conservatives Trying to Conserve?

I’ve often read and heard conservatives speak of traditional values of the past. I’m not entirely certain what that means. I’ve previously proposed that it is some kind of post-WWII Mayberry-Leave-it-to-Beaver illusion left over from the prosperity and peace after … Continue reading

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Re-ARRA-nging the Economy

  In my last article, I described ways in which government and business have similarities, and how one could apply the business principle of “good debt” to government. Today, let’s peek inside theAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), which … Continue reading

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