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Let Them Eat Cake

Contrary to popular belief, Marie Antoinette never uttered the phrase, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche“. The phrase appears in Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s autobiography where he attributes it to a ‘great princess’ however the dates of publication and her tenure on the throne do … Continue reading

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Public Enemy Number One: Mitch McConnell

Know Thy Enemy: Mitch McConnell I mentioned an analogy in the previous article of Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and possibly Paul Ryan as the outlaw Miller Gang from the movie High Noon. The more I thought about it, … Continue reading

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There’s a New Sheriff in Town…and His Name is Obama

Remember that scene when Gary Cooper walked the streets of Hadleyville, New Mexico Territory trying to elicit help from it’s citizens to deal with the Miller Gang bent on terrorizing them? Well think of Obama as the Marshall who’s tried … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday July 15th Edition

Debt ceiling showdown heated up as Eric Cantor tried to push through a stop gap deal without tax increases. President Obama shut him down declaring that it may put his presidency in jeopardy but he wasn’t going to budge on … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday July 1st Edition

This week the brinksmanship intensified as Republicans walked out of deficit talks and Democrats finally put forth the suggestion that Republicans are knowingly trying to crash the economy in order to defeat Obama. Some scholarly types are now saying that … Continue reading

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Had Enough Yet?

I should really stop apologizing; as I did yesterday, and just embrace my inner conspiracy theorist. Wave it around like a rainbow flag at a Gay Pride rally. Wear it around my neck like some nineties gangsta bling. Force people to look at … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday June 24th Edition

This week president Obama announced his withdrawal plans for the Afghanistan conflict in an address to the nation. 10,000 by Christmas and 33,000 by next summer. Is it enough? Many people don’t think so including members of the Democratic Party. … Continue reading

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