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MSNBC vs. Fox; Who’s Smarter?

I thought I would do a little background research to see if education had an influence on  reporting in the media narrative. MSNBC is generally considered to be the liberal cable station (though I would argue that they are the … Continue reading

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Do Sunday Talk Shows Have More Conservative Guests?

Talk shows are accustomed to notoriously short lead times to respond to current events with appropriate guests but they had plenty of time to get White House staff or related people on their shows to discuss the ramifications of going … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck and Fox News Channel Announce Divorce

Glenn Beck and the Fox News Channel have announced that they are divorcing. It’s not clear at this point why. Feel free to contribute your speculation, eulogies, or gloating in the comments below. Related Articles  Glenn Back to ‘Transition off’ … Continue reading

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In This Corner…Mike Huckabee

2012 Contender Series: I ♥ Huckabee (Updated: May 14, 2011. Huckabee announced at the end of his Fox show tonight that he would not seek candidacy for President. He cited that while “The external signs…point strongly towards running” that upon … Continue reading

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It’s a Job Interview

When I try to get a job, I am required to go through several rounds of interviews. If I refuse one of them, odds are very slim that I’ll get hired. This makes sense. After all, interviews are an important … Continue reading

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