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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords: Lessons About Traumatic Brain Injury

“You’re never the same once the air hits your brain.” — Bitter neurosurgeon’s joke, source unknown After dipping my toe in the water with Saturday’s micro-post, I was convinced by the readers of this blog that a “teachable moment” exists … Continue reading

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Is It Appropriate?

On January 8, 2011, U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was shot in the head by alleged gunman Jared Laughner. For our quick-cut Saturday pieces, one of the other moderators asked me (quite reasonably) to write a few words about her recovery, … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday February 18 Edition

This past week was more about Egypt and the civil unrest in the rest of the Middle East. Mubarak finally conceded and left Cairo. And suddenly Wisconsin exploded in protest over a union busting bill put forth by the Governor. CBS News correspondent Lara … Continue reading

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Outrage Speech: Was the Left Right?

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik’s widely-reported observation that hate speech was partially responsible for the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) has prompted several heated discussions on this blog, as well as other venues. Let me say one thing, because people … Continue reading

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Hot Fudge Sunday January 16

Sundays bring us the political talk shows. Unsurprisingly, this week is dominated by last weekend’s shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ). If you see something interesting on one of them, jump on the comment board and talk about it. According … Continue reading

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“We’re Better than This”

I’m struck by the words of Representative Gabrielle Giffords’s Brother-in-law, Commander Scott Kelly, currently aboard the International Space Station. In an address to Mission Control after the shooting of Ms. Giffords, he said: We have a unique vantage point here aboard the … Continue reading

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Democrat Gabrielle Giffords and Others Shot in AZ.

NPR reports that Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) has been reportedly shot along with five others in Arizona. Are Sharron Angle’s second amendment remedies being taken too seriously? We will post updates as available. Update from NPR: “Giffords was talking to … Continue reading

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