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Same Sex Marriage Passes the New York Senate

Last night the New York Senate voted to recognize same sex marriage by 36 to 26. New York becomes the sixth state to recognize such unions along with Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Washington, D.C. I watched it happen live … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday June 24th Edition

This week president Obama announced his withdrawal plans for the Afghanistan conflict in an address to the nation. 10,000 by Christmas and 33,000 by next summer. Is it enough? Many people don’t think so including members of the Democratic Party. … Continue reading

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In Order to Form a More Civil Union

Note: filistro has just returned from vacation. This is the last of her previously-written articles, but it seems appropriate to publish now, in light of the recent addition of Hawaii to the civil union states, plus Obama’s decision to not enforce … Continue reading

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