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Free Forum Friday July 1st Edition

This week the brinksmanship intensified as Republicans walked out of deficit talks and Democrats finally put forth the suggestion that Republicans are knowingly trying to crash the economy in order to defeat Obama. Some scholarly types are now saying that … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck and Fox News Channel Announce Divorce

Glenn Beck and the Fox News Channel have announced that they are divorcing. It’s not clear at this point why. Feel free to contribute your speculation, eulogies, or gloating in the comments below. Related Articles¬† Glenn Back to ‘Transition off’ … Continue reading

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My Rally’s Bigger Than Yours

  by Mr. Universe Saturday morning was the date of Jon Stewart‘s ¬†“Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear”. It was held on the National Mall just in front of the Capitol. The overriding message was one of the freedom of … Continue reading

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Rally to Restore Sanity/March for Fear

President Obama got the entirety of the show on ‘The Daily Show‘ last night; the only sitting President to do so. President Obama on The Daily Show Jon Stewart didn’t softball him either. He asked questions about what happened to … Continue reading

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