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The Fine Line Between Reason and Treason

There’s a presumption in politics that elected officials  run for office because they want to enact policies that are beneficial to the constituency that elected them. Some view it as a calling, others as a means of influence. But all elected officials rely on … Continue reading

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Showdown at the GOP Corral

It appears that the first Tea Party vs. GOP battle is about to begin. The Old Guard is promising to vote against banning earmarks, despite having campaigned on supporting the ban. Will the Tea Party get the earmarks banned? Or … Continue reading

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Canaries and Coal Mines

Survey USA has just front-paged an astonishing poll showing Rand Paul‘s support plummeting by double digits, and Conway closing the gap to a statistical tie. The internals are especially fascinating… (and admittedly controversial.) You can see the poll results here: http://www.surveyusa.com/Continue reading

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