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Damn Right It’s Class Warfare

And it has been waged by Republicans now for more than thirty years. It was declared by Ronald Reagan in his first inaugural address on January 20th 1981 when he exclaimed “Government is not the solution to the problem, Government … Continue reading

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The Republican Universal Tax

As the debate rages on in the never ending game of chicken in Washington politics, the machinations are baffling to observe. It’s little wonder that polls have negative numbers for both parties at almost all time highs despite the obvious brinkmanship of the Republicans. … Continue reading

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The Anti-pledge Pledge

Everybody on the right seems so pledge happy these days. Grover Norquist has the no tax pledge that most Republicans have signed essentially guaranteeing them as lifetime members of the party of Hell No! Jim DeMint has the Cut, Cap, and Budget pledge. There’s a … Continue reading

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Know Thy Enemy: Grover Norquist

(Ed. note: Know Thy Enemy is an experimental series profiling particularly prominent political pundits and players. the title is a nod to Sun Tzu. I’ll try to profile more than just conservatives as my liberal bent is wont to do) … Continue reading

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