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Bracketing the General Presidential Election

The Republican Primary is effectively over as first Rick Santorum and then Newt Gingrich finally threw in the towel and suspended their campaigns.  The outcome was pretty much as expected with Mitt Romney being the presumptive challenger to President Obama … Continue reading

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Know Thy Enemy: Andrew Breitbart

(Ed. note: Know Thy Enemy is an experimental series profiling particularly prominent political pundits and players. The title is a nod to Sun Tzu. We’ll try to profile more than just conservatives as our liberal bent is wont to do) … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Huffington Post Regarding Journalistic Integrity

Memo to: Arianna Huffington, Howard Fineman, Sam Stein, Amanda Terkel, Alex Wagner, and other respected journalists at the Huffington Post. RE: Journalistic Integrity Dear Writers and Editors, It has become increasingly and painfully obvious that the previous standards for journalistic … Continue reading

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GOP: Titanic or S. S. Minnow?

Here’s a really insightful, historical perspective from Dylan Loewe over at Huffington Post. Another 1994? Or Another 1946? In the article he points out that Democrats held huge majorities throughout FDR’s entire 12 years before Republicans finally made a comeback. … Continue reading

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A House Divided

Nate’s forecasts remain remarkably consistent with one exception. He is now predicting a 50 seat gain for Republicans in the House instead of 48 that has been the general consensus. I don’t think this means agreat deal in the grand … Continue reading

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