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Why Obama’s Second Term Will Be the Best

The Republican strategy of painting President Obama as an ineffectual Jimmy Carter Democrat has been somewhat successful up until recently (Jimmy Carter was actually not that bad of a President but Republicans successfully portrayed him as such. But this is an argument for another … Continue reading

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Mahalo and Mele Kalikimaka, Mr. President

There’s a big helping of crow being served in the House of Representatives this Christmas along with lumps of coal in many a stocking. The failed House Republican gambit to stall the payroll tax cut extension and unemployment benefits back fired big … Continue reading

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The Argument for Palestine

This past week saw Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas petition the United Nations for for recognition of statehood. It took less than 72 hours for South Sudan to be recognized so, why not? In reality, it will take the coucil several … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday September 16th Edition

President Obama spent the week stumping his jobs plan. He basically double dared the Republicans to diss the plan knowing full well that if they did it would blow back on them. Obama’s renewable energy plans took a big blow … Continue reading

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Part II: This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Republican Party

In part one of this article we looked at the pendulum swings over time between Democratic and Republican parties. By the 1960’s there was a shift in opinion over party values. Much of it had to do with changing social … Continue reading

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No Surprise

This is another article in the series on conspiracy theories. We all know the bare bones of the Iranian Hostage story. Fifty-two American citizens were seized in November of 1979 when a group of militants and heavily armed students took over the … Continue reading

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Whither Korea?

In one of the comments threads below, I discovered I have something in common with one of our regular commenters: I have a particular interest in the Korean War. I won’t speculate on the interest of others, but my particular … Continue reading

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A House Divided

Nate’s forecasts remain remarkably consistent with one exception. He is now predicting a 50 seat gain for Republicans in the House instead of 48 that has been the general consensus. I don’t think this means agreat deal in the grand … Continue reading

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