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Did the President Overstep his Boundaries With Israel?

Much hand wringing is being done with respect to President Obama’s Middle East Policy address in particular with the suggestion to honour the boundaries (with land swaps) established after the Six Day War in 1967. This has been suggested in … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday February 25 Edition

What a week. The Facebook rebellion continues in the Middle East as it now looks like Libyans are finally going to overthrow Moammar el-Gadhafi. Could Iran be far behind? Here in America, the Wisconsin protests took a strange turn as Governor … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday February 18 Edition

This past week was more about Egypt and the civil unrest in the rest of the Middle East. Mubarak finally conceded and left Cairo. And suddenly Wisconsin exploded in protest over a union busting bill put forth by the Governor. CBS News correspondent Lara … Continue reading

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Slow Turning

We haven’t addressed what’s going on in the Middle East but it portends some really significant changes. First, Iran experienced a rebellion, then Tunisia collapsed into chaos. Now Egypt is experiencing a similar upheaval, and it looks as though Jordan … Continue reading

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