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Requiem for the Job Creators

It’s an endless refrain. If only the wealthy had the resources, they could stimulate the economy by investing in new business and hiring workers to satisfy consumer demand. There’s just one glaring problem with this scenario; consumer demand decreases in … Continue reading

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The Republican Descent Into Madness

The Republican party has been in a steady decline since 2008 like a junkie deeply in denial; flailing about looking for ways to keep the high going. The primary campaign is the embarrassing theatrical manifestation of the downward spiral of … Continue reading

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In This Corner…Ron Paul

2012 Contender Series: Ron Paul In this corner… is an ongoing series looking into the viability of potential candidates for the 2012 Presidential race. (Ed. note: We might as well wrap up the Contender Series biographies of the serious candidates … Continue reading

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Disaster Capitalism, and the Rise of the Machination

Last week in “Fair Laissez-Faire”, Michael wrote about Laissez-faire economics and the rise of crony capitalism. This week I’m following up with what has become known as crony capitalism’s extreme cousin, ‘disaster capitalism’. The majority of this article is influenced by The Shock … Continue reading

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