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Pirates Off the Starboard Bow

I remember once I went with a girlfriend for her first new car purchase. I’d been through the whole dance routine with new car salesman before and she wanted me to walk her through it. So I told her all … Continue reading

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Hot Fudge Sunday February 13

Sundays bring us the political talk shows. If you see something interesting on one of them, jump on the comment board and talk about it. Unsurprisingly, Egypt dominates the shows this week. According to Politico, here is the lineup for … Continue reading

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The Reckoning

David Stockman appeared on The Colbert Report last night. You may recall Stockman is the former budget director from the Reagan cabinet (also mentioned in Max’s recent article). Stockman is one of many Republicans who are coming out of the closet … Continue reading

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Get Your Man Pants on Mr. President!

Apologies for channeling Sarah Palin. Just when I was thinking of starting a petition drive to fight the Bush Tax cuts for the wealthy I got this in my e-mail box: Fight! Don’t Cave Campaign Isn’t the new era of … Continue reading

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You Solve the Deficit

The Sunday New York Times has a feature in their Week in Review section called “You Fix the Budget”. I’ve worked out a solution, at least given the parameters in the article. I know that some of you will attack this … Continue reading

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Up To Our Eyeballs

I bring your attention to three quick articles on the debt and how to fix it, here, here, and here. The chairmen of President Obama’s bipartisan debt commission have presented a working draft that outlines the extent of the problem, … Continue reading

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