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What Has Obama Done For Me Lately?

A friend and former contributor to this site is often fond of pointing out that perception is everything. It doesn’t matter that the perception is incorrect or not. If people believe something is true then it follows that it must … Continue reading

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The Problem With the ‘Throw All the Bums Out’ Strategy

The Occupy Wall Street protests highlight what everyone suspected and the polls reflected; that there is a lot of public resentment towards our current climate on Capital Hill and its apparent collusion with corporate America. With polls showing record lows … Continue reading

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There’s a New Sheriff in Town…and His Name is Obama

Remember that scene when Gary Cooper walked the streets of Hadleyville, New Mexico Territory trying to elicit help from it’s citizens to deal with the Miller Gang bent on terrorizing them? Well think of Obama as the Marshall who’s tried … Continue reading

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Science and Conscience

Around the middle of February, something quite significant happened, and almost nobody noticed. The Obama administration quietly moved to rescind most of the provisions of the Bush-era “conscience laws” that allowed health care workers to opt out of providing services with … Continue reading

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Tsunami? How About Just High Tide?

I feel I should point out that there are at least 11 races outstanding. And the Democrats appear to be winning those handily. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/11/05/2010-elections-11-undecided-races_n_779791.html So much for a tsunami or a repeat of 1994. There’s a lot of chatter on how … Continue reading

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