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From the North Poll

CNN released an opinion poll today. Given the margin of error, Obama’s Approve/Disapprove numbers remain essentially unchanged since right before the election. However, the question asking about the right/wrong direction of his policies shows improvement over the past year. In … Continue reading

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Rainy Monday Observations

Here’s something from Mark Blumenthal that we all kind of expected. Quoting Mark: Pollsters have fretted for nearly a decade about the growing number of Americans in so-called “cell-phone-only” households that are out of reach of traditional landline telephone poll samples. … Continue reading

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Can You Poll Me Now?

Nate recently addressed the topic of polling and cell phone proliferation last week. I’ve been poking around to see if I could find anything substantive to add to the discussion. So far I haven’t found much. Nate correctly points out … Continue reading

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The Only Poll That Matters

Nate said something fascinating on his http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/ today: There is another type of argument, however, that is potentially more troubling. It could be that, irrespective of the character of this political cycle, polling itself is in decline. This is a … Continue reading

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