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Republicans Making America’s First Sitting Half-Term President

If there’s one thing that Republican reaction to the world changing events of last week has definitively demonstrated, it’s that no matter what President Obama does, they will oppose it. Even if it doesn’t make sense, even if they were … Continue reading

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Hope, Change, and…Distraction?

Warning: this is a rant. When I campaigned for President Obama I was excited by his hope and change message. He talked about things I thought were important for the country. He talked about things I am interested in, that … Continue reading

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Senate Seat Series – The Long Game

The problem with winning too many seats in the Senate is that sooner or later you have to defend those seats. Every two years fully 1/3 of the Senate has to be renewed. Each state gets two senatorial seats. This … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday March 11 Edition

What a week. Japan experienced one of the worst earthquakes ever recorded, plus a devastating tsunami. Wisconsin has been the center of controversy as the Senate Republicans jammed through the union busting legislation amidst increasingly vocal protests. There seem to … Continue reading

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The Hostage Situation; Part II

Update: House Calls GOP’s Bluff on Tax Cuts (Huffington Post) Greetings refugees, I’ve decided to start a new segment. I’m calling it, “The Hostage Situation; Part II”. It’s a little like our Free Forum Fridays only there is no specific … Continue reading

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How Much is That Politician in the Window?

Nate’s model continues to tighten and even show improvement for Republicans. He is forecasting a 48 seat gain in the House and even a small improvement in the Senate. However, he has a very wide margin of error for which … Continue reading

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