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No Surprise

This is another article in the series on conspiracy theories. We all know the bare bones of the Iranian Hostage story. Fifty-two American citizens were seized in November of 1979 when a group of militants and heavily armed students took over the … Continue reading

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Are Republicans “Beyond Redemption?”

That’s the suggestion of John C. Danforth, a respected Republican former Senator from Missouri and Ambassador to the U.N. during the Bush administration. Senator Danforth was responding this weekend to the news reported at Red State that Senator Richard Lugar … Continue reading

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The ‘Tell’

Those of you who play poker probably know this. There are several variations on the game but I like to play Texas Hold ‘em. Poker players often become hypersensitive to body language when looking for clues as to whether the … Continue reading

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What Makes a Progressive President?

History usually waits a few years or even decades before passing judgment on a sitting President to gain some objectivity although I didn’t spare any of that for the previous inhabitant of the White House (a topic for another time … Continue reading

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Chicken Entrails

They’re everywhere… and man, do they stink! We have piles of chicken entrails all over the barnyard, from the windmill to the hayloft. Those gifted folks who can read the entrails tell us: The generic vote is even… or +17 GOP … Continue reading

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Could Employing Tax Cuts Tax Employment?

Republicans have been incessant in their demands for the top income tax rate to remain at 35%, and are willing to allow the rate reductions on the middle class to expire rather than concede the top rate reset. Since the days … Continue reading

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