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Free Forum Friday July 22nd Edition

The brinksmanship is getting heavy as the game of chicken to destroy the world  continues. Atlantis makes the final landing signaling the end of the Space Shuttle Program. Wow. Thirty years. Where do you suppose we’ll go next? Rupert Murdoch and … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday July 15th Edition

Debt ceiling showdown heated up as Eric Cantor tried to push through a stop gap deal without tax increases. President Obama shut him down declaring that it may put his presidency in jeopardy but he wasn’t going to budge on … Continue reading

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Good Night and Good Luck

MSNBC abruptly announced on Friday that Countdown with Keith Olbermann was being cancelled and that the network and Mr. Olbermann were parting ways. This was no small decision as Keith had two years left on his contract reportedly worth $14 million. … Continue reading

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