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Ian Murphy to Run For NY-26th

Ian who? Remember the prank call that made Governor Scott Walker spill the true motives behind his ‘budget’ bill? Ian Murphy was the guy impersonating David Koch on the other end of that call. Murphy is an unashamedly contentious journalist who … Continue reading

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On Wisconsin

Meanwhile, back in Wisconsin…things just keep getting crazier. Now we have the bizarre story of Carlos Lam, a deputy prosecutor for Johnson County, Indiana, who e-mailed Governor Walker to advise setting up a “false flag” operation. This would have been a … Continue reading

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Storming the Bastille

An Op-Ed on the Revolution Apologies in advance to my fellow Refugee writers. I generally try to make this blog into something of a professional news medium but I have been astounded by what’s happening in Wisconsin and the rest … Continue reading

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The Art and Irony of Overreach

(Update: According to several sources it looks as if Walker may be compromising with Democrats on the collective bargaining rights. Presumably the pressure from the threat of recalls is making some Republican Senators reconsider their positions) Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday February 25 Edition

What a week. The Facebook rebellion continues in the Middle East as it now looks like Libyans are finally going to overthrow Moammar el-Gadhafi. Could Iran be far behind? Here in America, the Wisconsin protests took a strange turn as Governor … Continue reading

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America Held Hostage…Day 760

The Wildfire Spreads Like Wisconsin, Indiana’s Democratic legislators have also left the state to thwart a similar Republican bill to bust the unions. Governor Mitch Daniels has decided not to pursue the same measures as Governor Scott Walker by threatening … Continue reading

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We’re All Cheeseheads Now

Why should those who don’t live in Wisconsin care what’s going on there? I’m not talking about the fact that it’s home of the most winning NFL team in America but because if Governor Scott Walker’s union busting plan succeeds … Continue reading

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