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The Politics of Distraction

This is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. It’s kind of an appropriate political metaphor. Let’s say your ship is doomed. You want to be rescued. But as Captain, you don’t necessarily want to be perceived as incompetent. So, politically, … Continue reading

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The Republican Descent Into Madness

The Republican party has been in a steady decline since 2008 like a junkie deeply in denial; flailing about looking for ways to keep the high going. The primary campaign is the embarrassing theatrical manifestation of the downward spiral of … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Cake

Contrary to popular belief, Marie Antoinette never uttered the phrase, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche“. The phrase appears in Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s autobiography where he attributes it to a ‘great princess’ however the dates of publication and her tenure on the throne do … Continue reading

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Intimidation Nation

What is it about Tea Party Republicans? These are the same people who turned town hall meetings into near-riots throughout 2009. They are the ones who were big on carrying guns to political rallies. They fantasized about armed rebellion. There … Continue reading

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Nate Silver: Budget Politics in the Doldrums

Those of you who have been missing Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight columns since the New York Times went behind a (partial) paywall might want to spend one of your 20 “free” ganders at his latest column, “Budget Politics in the Doldrums.” With … Continue reading

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In This Corner…Michele Bachmann

2012 Contender Series: Michele Bachmann (Updated January 4th: Ms. Bachmann officially withdrew from the residential race after a poor showing in the Iowa Caucus. It is expected that she will run for re-election in Minnesota once the redistricting is settled) … Continue reading

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Showdown at the GOP Corral

It appears that the first Tea Party vs. GOP battle is about to begin. The Old Guard is promising to vote against banning earmarks, despite having campaigned on supporting the ban. Will the Tea Party get the earmarks banned? Or … Continue reading

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What Are Conservatives Trying to Conserve?

I’ve often read and heard conservatives speak of traditional values of the past. I’m not entirely certain what that means. I’ve previously proposed that it is some kind of post-WWII Mayberry-Leave-it-to-Beaver illusion left over from the prosperity and peace after … Continue reading

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Rally to Restore Sanity/March for Fear

President Obama got the entirety of the show on ‘The Daily Show‘ last night; the only sitting President to do so. President Obama on The Daily Show Jon Stewart didn’t softball him either. He asked questions about what happened to … Continue reading

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REAL IDiotic Act

My wife and I took a pleasure trip this weekend to El Lay (or, as Ray Milland famously called it in Panic in Year Zero! , “Loss Ang-lees”). I was doing a benefit for a charity that, in my opinion, … Continue reading

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