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Gerrymander and the Art of Misrepresentation

Little did Elbridge Gerry, the Governor of Massachusetts in 1812, know that his name would be remembered with somewhat infamous regard as well as being linked with an amphibious newt. But that’s what happened when the Governor redrew the lines of the … Continue reading

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In This Corner…Rick Perry

2012 Contender Series: Rick Perry (Update: After coming in dead last in New Hampshire, Rick Perry withdrew from the Repblican Primary) (Update: Perry officially announced his candidacy on Satuday, August 13th on the day of the Iowa Straw Poll) Yes, … Continue reading

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Don’t Mess With Texas

First off, a confession: I am a Texas native. I estimate I’ve spent about one-fourth of my life there, and my family bonds to Texas run strong and deep, ever since my great-great-grandfather and his brothers were run out of … Continue reading

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No Further, DeLay

Tom DeLay was convicted this week of money laundering, for violating a then hundred-year old law prohibiting corporations from giving money to candidates, whether directly or indirectly. Naturally, he considers it to be a partisan vendetta. It’s hard to imagine … Continue reading

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