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Home Repairs

I read a wonderful article today http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=130638147 that listed many of the impressive accomplishments of the 111th Congress. I won’t repeat them all here, but please do take a look at the article. Despite unstinting and unwavering Republican obstructionism, the Democrats … Continue reading

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Reasonably Functional vs Unreasonably Dysfunctional House Majorities

I was intrigued by a comment Nate made in his latest (Oct 1) House forecast : [Democrats] have only about a 10 percent chance of holding onto 230 or more seatsin the new Congress, according to the model, which might … Continue reading

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How’s That Tea Party Thing Workin’ For Ya?

I posted an article the other night on the fear of anon-white planet by the Republican hard right. Tonight, Howard Dean echoed some of the same sentiment on Rachel Maddow’s show. He also repeated his belief that the Democrats would retain control … Continue reading

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